Uthoff Valley Viking Voice

November 16, 2021

Important Information and Updates

Upcoming Events - November & December

11/18 - 3rd Grade Musical - 6:30pm - *Masks are required inside all Rockwood buildings.

11/23 - CrAzY HaIR DaY - for reaching our schoolwide goal of collecting 500 food items!

11/24 - 11/26 - No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

11/30 - UV Night at Sugarfire - 44 &141

12/2 - All Pro Dads meeting

12/10 - PTO Winter Wonderfest, 6-7:30pm - Details to come soon!

12/15 - UV Night at 3 Margarita's

12/22-12/31 - No School, Winter Break

1/3 - School Resumes

Catching Good Character - November - Perseverence

At Uthoff Valley it is our goal that students carryover and apply the Viking Virtues taught at school in their everyday life. We would like to provide the parents the opportunity to share examples of when their child is demonstrating our Viking Virtues at home or in our community.

Simply take a picture of your child displaying the character trait of the month (November is Perseverence) and email it to your child’s teacher with a short caption describing their actions (similar to Instagram). Pictures with captions will be displayed in the rotunda for everyone to see!

Mrs. Schenck's Students showed perseverence composing and decomposing shapes. It was hard and they didn’t give up!

Anti-Bully Week at UV - November 15 - 19

It's so important to have an ongoing anti bullying program that reaches everyone in our school and helps create a culture of kindness. Educating children about anti-bullying and how to deal with it is essential and should start at a young age in order to prevent this negative behavior.

At Uthoff Valley we have a strong social emotional learning curriculum that focused on kindness, peaceful problem solving, relationship skills, and self & social awareness. In addition, Ms. Plunkett, our school counselor teaches specific lessons focused on anti-bullying.

During the week of November 15 - 19 the focus at UV will be spreading kindness and believing in yourself.

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Virtual "Ever-Giving " Tree

Tis the season for giving! Not knowing what 2020 would hold, we transitioned the physical Evergiving Tree usually set up near the rotunda to Sign Up Genius in 2019. Crazy, huh??!! It's definitely proved to be more convenient for parents, as you don't have to visit school to choose tags off the tree.

Please join us in helping a couple of our fellow UV families during the holidays. We are requesting all gifts to be dropped off at UV (to the office) by Friday, December 10th. Please note: all gifts should be left unwrapped and marked/noted somewhere with the corresponding item number.


Thank you for your holiday spirit & generosity!

Seasonal Mood Changes: SAD

A form of depression that follows a seasonal pattern, Seasonal Affective Disorder appears and disappears at the same time each year. It's sometimes easy for parents to overlook symptoms of SAD, or dismiss them as normal mood swings. Aside from feeling sad or depressed, your child may be irritable, feel tired, have difficulty concentrating, experience changes in school performance, or have decreased interest in things they usually enjoy. Read more for information on prevention and treatment.

UV PTO: News and Updates


Show us the lights! We will have our very own holiday lights display competition presented at the homes of UV families showcasing their holiday decorating talents! The winning home will receive the title of “Champion of the Lights” and a small prize.


Contestants = Any member of the UV community who register their

home to showcase their lights and decorations.

Judges = All interested members of the UV community, including contestants.


Contestants = Register, decorate the outside of your home, then take and

submit a picture of your completed display.

Judges = Everyone will receive a list of the addresses of the participating

homes to view. Once you have seen all the entries you will electronically vote

for your favorite one.


Contestants = Registration = From now until Tuesday, November 23rd

Entry = All decorations need to be up by Thursday, December 9th.

You will need to submit a picture of your display to a google form by

midnight Thursday, December 9th (for voting purposes).

Judges = Everyone will have from Sunday, December 12th until Sunday,

December 19thto view the lights. You will be provided with a list/route of

the participating addresses before the evening of the 11th. Once you have

seen all the entries you will submit your vote for your favorite one. There will be a

picture reminder next to the addresses to help you remember if you need.

HOW = All judges’ votes must be submitted by 8pm December 19th The

winner will be announced on December 21st before everyone leaves for Winter break.

Calling All Vendors! Join us at Winter Wonderfest!

If you have a home based business or area crafter and would like to sell your products at UV's Winterfest please complete the Google Form linked below by December 3rd to reserve your space.

ALL PRO DADS - December 2nd

Calling ALL UV Dads and Children! Join us for All-Pro Dad's Day Thursday, December 2nd in the UV gym from 8:15 - 8:55 a.m. During this 40 minute program, dads (or other positive male role models) and their children will interact with one another in fun activities and conversations to strengthen the father-child relationship. Donuts, juice, and coffee will be served. It's FUN and it's FREE so come join us! Please complete ONE RSVP per family.

***Masks are required inside all Rockwood buildings***

UV 21 - 22 Buzz Book

Hello UV Viking families!

The 2021-2022 UV BUZZ BOOK is linked below! If at any time you need your information updated, removed, etc... Please contact us at uvrocks.viking.supp@gmail.com.

If you have any questions please reach out to us!

Volunteer Opportunities - We need your help!

Volunteers are a crucial part of the UV community! Here are a few areas where you can help:

Spring Fundraiser Committee: Volunteers will help plan, organize, and publicize the spring fundraiser for Uthoff parents and friends. Sign up here!

Watch D.O.G.S: UV dads, granddads, uncles or any significant male in a UV student's life plan events especially for them and their kids. Sign up here!

Stay Connected at UV!