Mandel vision new york city lasik

Mandel vision

Mandel vision lasik new york city

As a leading New York LASIK surgeon, Dr. Mandel has been instrumental in the development of the excimer laser, the device used to reshape the cornea during laser vision correction surgery. In 1984, Dr. Mandel was a co-author of "Excimer Laser Radial Keratotomy," one of the first papers in the world which argued that excimer laser technology would revolutionize the field of refractive surgery. This advanced level of research, helped Dr. Mandel earn the Burrough Wellcome® Fellowship for laser research, an award presented by Harvard's Ocular Laser Research Laboratory, as well as the William Warner Hoppin Award, given by the New York Academy of Medicine.

From the mid to late 1980s, Dr. Mandel wrote an ophthalmic textbook entitled Atlas of Corneal Disease , and lectured on the subject at meetings in the United States and around the world. More recently, our New York LASIK Surgeon, worked with the FDA to investigate advanced uses of the excimer laser. This research provides our patients with the benefit of the safest, most effective technology and the most sophisticated equipment in laser eye surgery.

Mandel vision

Dr. Mandel has participated in refractive laser research for more than 25 years. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Mandel co-authored one of the first papers in the world, in 1984, proving that the excimer laser was about to revolutionize laser vision correction.

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Mandel vision new york lasik