News From First Grade

Created by: Sara Browne, December 2014

In the last few weeks before Winter break...


In phonics, we learned about the long e sound. We learned that long e is rarely made with a sneaky e, like our other vowels. Instead, we spell long e with a double e, or a lonely e (in words like "we" and "me"). We built words in "word work," watched long e videos, and did a long e scavenger hunt.

We also learned about syllables. The students practiced clapping syllables in their names and in given words. Ask them to show you!! We also sorted words based on the amount of syllables. This skill will help the children to sound out larger words. Now they can start breaking words down based on their syllables to help them decode and read!

The children are doing a fabulous job with their reading. In the past few weeks we've focused on nonfiction, or informational texts. Our shared reading story was Honey Bees. The students learned how the make and use a KWL (know, want to know, learned) chart, and used post it notes to find details and facts in the text. We also learned how to use a venn diagram to compare and contrast. The students worked together to compare and contrast Pizza and Mozzarella Sticks. Then later in the week, they used the information from their text to create a venn diagram on Honey Bees and Humans.

In writing, we combined Character Ed. and letters to Santa, as we worked on our next published story entitled "The Nice List." The students created narratives in which they described reasons why they should be on the nice list. They brainstormed with a web on the smartboard and in their Character ed. Journals. Some examples they came up with include helping around the house, being kind to brothers and sisters, showing respect to their parents, listening and following directions, doing their homework, sharing, and many more. I was so impressed by all of the thoughtful ideas they shared. They are becoming wonderful young writers who use graphic organizers, transition words, and complete sentences.

Visit the "Learn to Read" site below to practice long e, along with other phonics and reading skills!

'ee' - Sound Carnival (The Electric Company)


We continued to work very hard in Math this week! The students are working to master their addition and subtraction facts to 20, and are utilizing a variety of strategies to do so.

Ask them about:

  • Doubles
  • Doubles plus 1
  • Doubles plus 2
  • Making ten with 10 frames
  • 3 addend addition
  • 2 part story problems


Social Science

Throughout December, we have been learning about different winter holidays and traditions. This week, we learned more about Hanukkah. We sang the Dreidel song and even played the Dreidel game!

Later in the week we talked about what it takes to be an Elf, and filled out our very own Elf Applications. We also created a very special, very glittery, holiday craft. We hope you like it!

Spinning the Dreidel

Crazy Chip Chip helping with the recycling!

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A big thanks to Mrs. Angelone for making adorable Rudolph Hot Chocolate Kits with us!

Miss Spadaro was in charge on Wednesday. She was a fantastic Teacher's Assistant!

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We love mystery readers! Thanks Ms. Houck for reading to us!

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Working hard in Language Arts!

Winter Fun!

Happy birthday Lily and Juliana!