Woods Lake Elementary

Weekly Update January 4-8, 2021

Hello Woods Lake Family,

Happy New Year! We hope that you and your family have enjoyed the winter break and are ready for your child to resume learning in their virtual google classroom, Monday, January 4, 2021. I can hardly believe that it is January, 2021! The time seems to be moving at a swift pace.

A New Year's resolution has a been a tradition where people resolve to changing and beginning something new to incorporate throughout the year. Whether you adhere to that practice or not, I encourage you to continue supporting your child and aid them in setting learning goals, as we complete this unique school year!

Before the end of 2020, I challenged your child to log on to Lexia and Dreambox during the break for continued learning. Students who logged at least 60 minutes in Lexia will receive a treat to eat! We will review the data and provide those treats during our next curriculum distribution.

As always, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Micole D. Dyson, Ph.D.


Who Do I Call?

(269) 337-0790

Scheduling/Appointments: Mrs. Janice Garneau

Behavior Specialist: Mrs. Natalie Orbe

Communities In School: Ms. Blaec Arevalo

Unresolved Issues: Dr. Micole D. Dyson

Social Emotional Learning

The Learning Hub has a Social Emotional Learning webpage with a Family SEL Guide and interactive links, PDFs to print, and more!

Setting and achieving goals...

...is a life skill necessary for success and happiness. How can we

get students to set realistic goals and follow through? MAKE IT FUN!!!

Research says, students learn best when they’re playing and enjoying themselves at the same time. Fun experiences increase levels of endorphins, dopamine, and oxygen, all in which promotes learning.

Have fun with your student drawing a WHEEL of FORTUNE .

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(KKIT) Kalamazoo Kids in Tune

  • New Support Initiative: We have started a Family Resource Hub for all of our KKIT families. All KKIT families received care packages over Thanksgiving Break with some snacks, masks, cards from staff!
  • New Academic Support: We will be hosting weekly homework help / virtual study hall sessions. We will meet with our students over zoom to provide additional support. Families received a call to confirm interest levels.
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Kalamazoo Communities in Schools (KCIS)

Blaec Arevalo, CIS Site Coordinator


(269) 815-8209

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What are Woods Lake Elementary School's office hours?

Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:00 p.m.

What is the Global Reading Challenge?

See website for more information.

Who participates in the Global Reading Challenge?

Selected students in grades (4) four and (5) five participate in the KPL Global Reading Challenge.

Will my child's daily virtual google classroom change in January 2021?

Most children will continue with the daily schedule that they were given on November 30th. Some students receiving additional learning supports, (i.e., Title I Tutoring) may experience a slight schedule change. Students affected by the change will see an additional google classroom and parents will receive a call.

Woods Lake Virtual Village

Our PTO invites you to the Woods Lake Virtual Village Facebook Page, click on the link above.