The Best of the Indian Subcontinent

By: Brie Gilbow


India is a very beautiful place, and many people would love to go there. One things that people would love is the amazingly high Mount Everest. Mount Everest is a stunning mountain, and it's the highest in the world! You might also be interested in seeing Ganges River. It is a huge river that stretches across the North East parts of India. It is surely a site to see!

Unique Animals

Unique Animals

India has several unique animals. Including the Bengal Tiger. The Bengal Tiger is the largest of the four "Roaring Cats of India". After the Siberian tiger, the Bengal tiger is the second largest subspecies. It is surely a beautiful tiger. Another amazing creature is the Elephas Maximus Indicus. This elephant has long front legs and is quite thinner than the Asian Elephants. Elephants tend to be pretty nomadic, meaning they don't stay in the same place for very long. They don't stay in that same place for more than a few days. These unique animals of India are beautiful and surely a site to see.

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