New York: Middle Colony

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The colony that the British renamed new York was originally settled by people from the Netherlands ( often called Holland) is a country in Northern Europe. It's people are called Dutch. The Dutch came to the colony to set up fur- trading posts. The British, however, wanted this land so that the English settlers in New England could move Westward. In 1664, the British captured the colony. The king gave the land to his brother, the Duke of York.
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New York's geography made it an excellent place for a colony. New York Harbor was ideal for shipping and trade. The valleys of the Hudson and Mohawk rivers were well suited to farming and trade. Iron, a useful mineral, was available to be minded ( dug out of the ground)
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New York has sort of the exact same weather as us, in winter New York is cold, and in summers were hot and humid (moist). But long growing seasons in valleys and along the coast made farming easier than in New England.
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New York's economy offered good jobs for some people. But also used the unpaid work of others. Farmers in New York grew wheat, corn, vegetables, and tobacco. some of the other New Yorkers became Miners, lumbermen, sailors, trappers, merchants, and craftsmen. However, some of these workers were indentured servants, or African slaves .


Colonist had a little to say in New York's government. The colony had a powerful governor who was appointed by British royalty. The governor appointed other officials and enforced the laws.
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Fun Facts

In 1664, the British took New York, from the Dutch. After that, British settlers in the New England colonies could move westward. The pic below is a pic of British settlers in the New England Colonies could move westward
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