The Giver

Book by lois lowry project by Breanna Mackie


The Giver was about trying to find yourself and your destiny, and trying to make everything right in the world. Jonas who was the main character of the book, world turned out to be not as perfect as he thought it was. Once he was chosen to be the next receiver of memory he saw things out in the world that was beautiful that he never seen before, as will as malicious things to. But once he knew the secrets of the community he knew the right thing to do was to free all the memories to the people, to show the beauty in the world and to save is friend life. He had a big choices to make throughout the book that determined is destiny.


Why do you think they didn't want twins?

What do you think is the main idea of the book?

What was most interesting thing about the Giver to you?

Is the author trying to teach you something out of this book?


" We gain control of many things. But we had to let go of others"


I liked how the author came up with the idea of this book which shows that when you take important things out of life it can ruin the balance that was made from god.

What I dislike is how he ended the book, we don't no what he did when he crossed that border after he gave the memories back. I'll give it (4/5)