Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Book Project by Abby Ryon, fiction, 569 pages

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Major Characters

Protagonist: Robert Langdon- Mr. Langdon is a professor in religious iconology at Harvard. He is also an expert with symbology which is why he was asked to help out investigating the murder of a scientist. It turns out that the scientist was killed by a satanic group called the Illuminati, which were presumably dead before this happened.

Antagonist: Illuminati- This group started out as scientists that wanted to disprove Christianity, but they were not violent. Everyone thought that they were non-existent until they found the symmetrical ambigram of the word. In this book, they have turned violent and want to publically kill important figures of Christianity.

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Minor Characters

Vittoria Vetra- She is the daughter of the scientist that was murdered so she travels along with Langdon trying to find who murdered her father. She and Langdon grow to be more than friends through the traumatic twenty-four hours they work together to save Vatican City from destruction.
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Minor Characters

Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca- He is the late Pope's second-in-command for the Catholic Church. Because the Pope has passed away, he is temporarily in charge until the new Pope is selected by the College of Cardinals. The Camerlengo helps out Langdon and Vittoria follow the Path of Illumination and to find the canister containing the anti-matter.


For the first part of the story, Langdon is at CERN, a huge science lab where miracles and discoveries are made all the time, learning about what the anti-matter is. One-fourth of a gram of it is stolen, and this amount can create a huge crater in the ground half a mile wide in each direction. Then, the story moves to Vatican City and Rome, where Langdon and Vittoria go on a kind-of scavenger hunt across the city to try and save the people the Illuminati assassin has kidnapped and kills every hour.
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Man vs Man- The main chunk of the novel is Robert Langdon trying to save the preferetti, or the four preferred Cardinals to become Pope. A Hassassin, or, more commonly known in America, assassin, has kidnapped them and is one of them each hour. When Langdon runs into this guy, they fight, making it a man vs man situation.

Man vs Self- Robert Langdon has some self-conflicts throughout the story, but a main one is having to decide to save the people or the artwork. There is a new type of bomb that has been hidden inside the Vatican, and Robert has to make some choices on whether to save the people or the thousands of priceless artwork there.


Robert Langdon, a world renouned symbologist, is called by Maximilian Kohler, the instuctor/director of CERN, to help investigate a murder of one of the scientists there. While there, they meet Vittoria Vetra, the daughter of the murdered scientist, and discover that a very explosive matter, anti-matter, has been stolen. The amount that was stolen, one-fourth of a gram, can demolish everything in a half-mile radius.

When this bomb shows up in Vatican City, Rome, Langdon and Vittoria go there to try and find it, but instead they find themselves on a hunt, a search, of different churches. They discover that the late Pope has been murdered and four of the most popular cardinals to win the voting of becoming the new Pope have been kidnapped. The person who kidnapped them works for the Illuminati, a brotherhood of scientists that tried to disprove the church in the 1600's which has now apparently resurfaced to claim revenge on the church. Each cardinal will be killed at each hour, starting at 8:00 pm at different churches along the Path of Illumination. The Path is a series of churches that have special markers that represent the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and if you follow them, it will lead you to the Illuminati liar, where the scientists meet. I cannot explain any more of the story without revealing the very shocking ending, but I will tell you that each cardinal that is killed is branded with an ambigram of the word Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


One theme in this novel is to not believe what the news says. During the book, news vans and reporters are everywhere, filming everything about the murders of the preferetti. Each channel is coming up with their own theory on what is happening, and people around the globe are believing it because it's the news. Brown is telling us not to believe everything the news says.


I really really really enjoyed this book. It was full of twists and turns and intense, near death moments, along with a very surprising ending. The author, Dan Brown, is able to weave together a little bit of sci-fi, a lot of history, romance, and action/adventure together in one amazing and shocking novel with amazing description. I would recommend this to everyone as a must-read. Brown also has three other books following the protagonist Robert Langdon called, The DaVinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and Inferno (in that order).
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