Dahlstrom Middle School

August 22, 2021

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We are back!

Hello DMS students, teachers, and families!!!!

We had an amazing first two days back with our students and staff!! We focused the first two days on getting to know everyone and having fun in classes! This week, we will still have some team-building activities but also start introducing the content, however, we are keeping the fun! Please help your students stay up to date with submitting assignments. Students may utilize the DMS Weekly Overview to see assignments that are due each week in each of their classes. We still have a few teachers getting theirs ready but they will all be available by Tuesday. The assignments listed in the DMS Weekly Overview are the same assignments listed in Schoology and in the Gradebook. Our goal is for students to get their work submitted on time so we can truly work on mastering the content, not just scrambling to get work submitted. Our students are phenomenal and they deserve the best education, let's work together to help them achieve all of their goals and dreams!

TRAFFIC! I know, it was a little rough this week. We knew it was going to happen with all of the construction. However, the morning drop-off was amazing on Friday! On Friday, we opened the doors at 7:15, parents pulled all the way up in the loop, students exited the cars quickly and the parent loop was empty at 8:01 am!!! It took us two weeks to do that last year, so great job parents!!!! The afternoon traffic....still a work in progress. I have submitted ideas and suggestions that are pending approval. Our district leaders are also still working on some long-term solutions for our traffic. In the meantime, we will continue to escort students to their cars down Sportsplex drive. If possible, try to make a plan with your student beforehand so they know what to expect. For example, mom is picking you up in her car or you are riding with ____ today, remember they drive a blue Tahoe, etc. I know it sounds silly, but students spend a lot of time just trying to figure out who is picking them up and which vehicle they are looking for. Please make sure to be super cautious while picking up students as safety is our number one priority and we need your help with that at pick-up time. Thank you again parents for your patience as we try to find more permanent solutions to the traffic situation!!

Please do not enter the bus loop as this week the buses will begin to enter from 967 and will exit on Sportsplex Dr, which is the opposite of what they have been doing. We are doing this so buses aren't getting stuck in the line to enter from Sportsplex Dr.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We conduct several fundraisers throughout the year to help support various organizations on campus as well as a campus fundraiser each year. Additionally, we have the updated DMS Official Sponsor packages available.

Construction Update

The old ramp has officially been demolished!!! Work continues on the parking lot and the dry pond in front of the building. I will keep everyone updated throughout the year on construction progress and changes we will see.

Any students with classes in the 300 and/or 400 hallways should bring an umbrella to school as needed. The construction crew is building us a temporary covered walkway from the 300/400 area to the main building but the construction on this has not yet begun.

With the support and guidance of our Director of Safety and Security, Dahlstrom has been designated as a no walking campus. With the increased traffic on Sportsplex, the construction that begins tomorrow between DMS and JHS, and all of the construction zones, it is not safe for our students to walk from our campus to other off-site locations. All students will need to either ride the bus home or be picked up in the parent loop. Safety is our number one concern and I know the traffic may become frustrating, but please remember the safety of our students is of the utmost importance.


Hays CISD highly encourages both students and staff to wear masks. There are tables in the cafeteria that are set up in the Ground Pod that are socially distanced for any students that would like to sit socially distanced. We have announced this each day during lunches and have had several students utilize the socially distanced tables. There are still more available for any students that are interested.

Upcoming Dates

August 26th School Pictures will be taken through students' social studies classes.

August 23-27 Chrome book distribution through ELA classes will continue

September 6 Labor Day (Student and Staff Holiday)

Important Documents

DMS Weekly Overview

DMS Official Sponsor Packages

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DMS Bell Schedule

Student/Parent Handbook

6th Grade School Supplies

7th Grade School Supplies

8th Grade School Supplies

Thank you for a fabulous start to the school year!!!


Mrs. Ginn



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