take a ride on THE TITANIC

Get your chance to travel to America!

The titanic leaves from Southampton on April 10!

Book your tickets before they sell out!

First, Second, and Third class tickets are available

Why Take the Titanic?

The Titanic is the biggest ship ever built! It was built by White Star Line. It took 2 years! But what can you do on the Titanic? First class passengers can enjoy the ship's swimming pool, gymnasium and squash racquet. For second class passengers there is shuffle board and ring toss. A variety of board games is also available.

First Class Accommodations

First class room are the highest of quality. A luxury sweet includes large beds and multiple rooms with connecting doors for you and the children! The room also includes a wardrobe room and a private bath.

Second Class Accommodations

Each second class room comes with four berths built into the wall. For privacy one can close the curtain around each individual berth. The second class room provides a home like feel.

Third Class Accommodations

Third Class rooms include 3 bunk beds per room. There is a communal bathroom available to all third class passengers.

How much are tickets?

First Class Tickets: $150

Second Class Tickets: $60

Third Class Tickets: $40