Real-World Application

Where would I use the skills I've been taught?

For Reports.

Whether it be a PowerPoint or a Word Document, reports are an important part of school including college. It doesn't matter which class I take, the probability of having to a report on something is very high. I've made plenty of reports in the past, but this class has taught me a lot more than what I already knew. So from now on my reports will be a lot better than before.

Fix a Computer

I'm no computer nerd, but I can at least know a bit about them. I know that even if I learn the parts and how everything works I still might not be able to fix a computer by myself, but I will at least have an idea of what's wrong. Having an idea is better than nothing and from there I can talk to a professional about it.

Digital Protection

Now that I'm aware of the downsides of digital communication I can take better care of myself and my computer. I know what form malware, fraud, or spam takes and can avoid them. I will make sure to just delete my spam mail and if something looks too good to be true I won't fall for it.

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