Skills Needed and schedule

  • Malty-tasking skills
  • Having a good sense of humor
  • To be kind and caring and protectful
  • Being patient
  • Good hand on experience
  • 24 hour schedule

Things they must do and things they will be responsible for

  • Plan out fun activities
  • Carrying out the proper discipline
  • Teach them responsibilities as they get older
  • Make money
  • Provide shelter for them
  • Enrolling them in school and other fun after school activities
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Will the position change at all (better/worse)

  • Yes it will change
  • It can be better because it shows the child is becoming more mature and can do things on their own but it can be worse too because the child might not be ready for more responsibilities

Previous experience

  • No its not necessary but if they do have any it will be an easier experience then if they didn't

Wages and Compensation

  • Wouldn't get payed their the parent


  • Happiness
  • Having a part of you raised in another person
  • Companionship
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