Close Reading Terms

By: Gabi, Anna, Lauren, Mackenzie


Definition: Figure of speech that makes a reference to a person, place or thing.

Example: "This place looks like the Garden of Eden." -Bible

Literary or Figurative: Literary


Definition: A person who opposes or is hostile to someone or something.

Example: The Grinch.

Literary or Figurative: Literary

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Definition: Addressing some abstraction or personification that is not physically present

Example: Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky." (Imaginary Idea)

Literary or Figurative: Literary


Definition: Typical example of certain person or thing.

Example: "This movie is a perfect example of archetype of the genre."

Literary or Figurative: Literary


Definition: Repetition of the sound of a vowel

Example: Dipthong

Literary or Figurative: Figuriative


Definition: How the person is described.

Example: "She wore a blue silky dress, with her long hair coming just above her waist, and her big brown eyes shimmering in the sunlight."

Literary or Figurative: Literary

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