Ms. Eby's Newletter

February 16th


Fractions- Halves, fourths, and eighths

Review addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

Word Problems


Basic needs of plants and animals

Social Studies

President's Day

Inventions for communication, technology and transporation


Procedural Texts

Following written multi- step directions

recording multi step- directions


Students will choose a famous person and research them.

They will create a product of their choice for their famous person.

This will all be done at school :)


The following things can be worked on at home.

  • Counting backwards from 100
  • Count by 2's to 100
  • Practice Addition Facts- It should take no longer than 3 seconds for the answer
  • Continue to work on addition and subtraction with and without regrouping
  • Have your child read aloud to an adult
  • Ask questions- There are questions in their green reading folder for guidance
  • Review papers that come home

Thank you so much for all your extra hard work with your children!!

Important Dates

February 29th- Field Trip money due

April 12- Field Trip to The Heard Musuem