"Nuclear Fusion-We can harness it!"

Conville Labs, May 5th, 2016

How it works

Nuclear Fusion is a process that occurs in the sun's core. It happens when two Hydrogen atoms fuse together to form one helium atoms. But its not as easy at is sounds to recreate this kind of thing on earth. For years scientists have stumbled about trying to figure out how to make it happen. For years, they've failed. But we have succeeded. The main problem in figuring out how to make nuclear fusion work on the earth is heat. We can't make temperatures hot enough to reproduce the fusion on the sun. So we had to find a way around that. We did this by using Deuterium and tritium, because it requires less heat.

Why we want to use it.

Nuclear Fusion would be a great energy source, and it produces far less waste than nuclear fission ( the process used at nuclear power points). Unlike many of the power sources we use to fuel our lives now, nuclear fusion would be high yield, and with little air pollution. Just think: the same source that powers the stars can power us!

Many people wonder how it compares to Nuclear Fission ( the splitting of atoms) and whether or not the process is as dangerous. The answer yes. Nuclear fusion still releases radioactive waste, but it has a half life of only 12 years. Not to mention that it is very difficult for these plants to 'meltdown' like nuclear fission plants.

Our Scientists

Where is this happening?
In theory... everywhere. The best place for one of these plants is near the sea or large bodies of water, of course, but the possible plants are limitless.
When is this happening?
Eventually. It takes a long time to get to the point where we use nuclear fusion energy in our daily lives, and even longer before it will be able to replace the use of other resources, but eventually, it will happen
How will it effect me?
A lot. First of all, none of our electricity runs on this right now, so it would change that. Also, this energy is cheaper in long term costs, so you'd pay less on your bills. Finally it'd likely change the economy drastically. All of our current power plants would be useless, and oil- not needed. But it also help to create jobs- because someone needs to take care of the plants.