Advanced Placement Classes

at Valley High School

AP Program

Advanced Placement or AP classes are an opportunity for high school students to complete college level courses and may receive college credit. They are vigorous classes designed to simulate a college workload. Valley currently offers 21 AP classes ranging from AP Studio Art to AP Chemistry.

Why take AP?

Taking advancement placement courses are very beneficial. Taking AP classes gives the oppurtunity to experience college-level academics now, and can save time and money once you get to college. It is free to take an AP course at Valley, unlike at college. Taking AP classes is a standout in the admissions process and you can earn academic scholarships and awards from college.

Here are the current AP offerings at Valley

AP at Valley

Valley usually performs above the national and state in percentage of students that passed the AP exams they took(scored either a 3,4, or 5)

In 2012,

  • 2,106,916 students took 3,714,728 AP exams across the country and 62% passed

  • across the state of Iowa, 10,452 students took 16,448 exams and 64% passed

  • at Valley, 391 students took 768 exams and 73% passed

AP enrollment at Valley is growing,

  • In 2009-2010, 616 students were enrolled in AP classes

  • 2010-2011, 756 students were enrolled in AP classes, a 23% increase from the year before

  • 2011-2012, 867 students were enrolled in AP classes, a 15% increase from the year before

  • 2012-2013, 1154 students were enrolled in AP classes, a 33% increase from the year before

College Credit

Almost all of the available AP courses at Valley offer college credit, free college credit. When you take an AP course and the AP exam, you get college credit from DMACC that transfers to the college you go to, so you don't have to take it again in college.