Hitler in Power

Was He a Great Leader?

Hitler As The New Leader?!

Adolf Hitler (an effective speaker in the early 1921) was announced the leader of the 'Nazi Party' on July 29th, 1921. Marking the first time that, that title was introduced to announce him. As a very powerful and humble (as thought at that time) speaker, Hitler became well known as a public speaker for the Germans. He has also been said to have very harsh and vague ideas of the Jewish community and country.

Was He a Great Leader?

Many people have asked this question and many have indeed said 'no'. Emphasising on the word 'no', Hitler was indeed a very hard nut to crack. He was invlolved in many wars (Crystal Night), many arguments and political issues (Nuremburg Laws) and also community disscussion ( Anti- Semitism). But at first, Hitler was looking for a way to carry his proposal all across Germany in order to recieve many votes before becoming leader, only to ensure he had a good chance in becoming leader.

Adolf Hitler