New Hope Elementary School

4th Grade Math

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Comparing Fractions

Today, we will work with Comparing Fractions.

  1. A video clip using EdPuzzle with interactive questioning.
  2. A Scavenger Hunt, containing QR Codes located around the room, will be played.
  3. You will then compete in an online quiz game called Flipquiz.
  4. Padlet will be used to wrap-up the lesson over Comparing Fractions.


The teacher will assign one iPad from each table to be used for viewing a video for a group assignment.

Click here EDpuzzle.

As you view the video, it will automatically stop at a question. Discuss the question with your group, then answer it to the best of your ability. After answering the question, click on Submit then Continue. Each student will have the opportunity to type the answer for a question. Do not skip any questions.


Scavenger Hunt using QR Code Scanner

Open your QR Code Reader on your device.

Each student will be given an answer sheet. Students will be assigned a starting card which is placed somewhere around the room. Solve the problem on the card and record your answer in the first square on your answer sheet.

Next, look for the card with your answer located in the top left corner of the card. If you do not see a card with your answer, go back to your last card and check your work. When the card is found, you will answer that question in the next square on your answer sheet. Continue the process until all problems are correctly answered.

Once you have completed your answer sheet, find the answer key and check your work.



Using the Promethean Board, we will review various types of fractions using the gameshow-style board, Flipquiz. Each student will be placed on a team. Students on each team will form a line and wait their turn quietly.

There are 6 categories with values of 100 - 500 points. Each student will have a chance to choose a square at random and answer the problem correctly. If the problem is answered correctly, the points will be added to the team score. If the response is incorrect, or failed to respond within the allotted time, the point value will be deducted from the team score and the other team will have the opportunity to respond.

The team with the most points at the end, wins the game.


Closing the Lesson with Padlet

Click here Padlet.

Double tap anywhere on the screen. A box will appear.

Type your name in the space that says Title. In the space, Write something..., use your own words to answer the question found at the top of the page.

Once you have finished answering, click anywhere on the Padlet. This will send your response to the teacher.


Have an awesome day!