Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Islands, Unframed Cooktops, Wine Coolers

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Modern Kitchen Accessories

Back in the day, the kitchen was the hubbub of the house. It was the first place the kids and Dad headed when they arrived home from school and work respectively, as they were sure to find the lady of the house slaving away over a hot stove. Well, flash forward more than a few decades, and, though Mom hasn’t spent the better part of her day in the kitchen, she still likes to cook for her family by using a host of modern day gizmos, gadgets and appliances, sure to make her one very content cook. But it is not always Mom who does the cooking these days – sometimes it is Dad, or in some households, it is a single guy or gal. If you would like to redesign your kitchen you should first consult with a kitchen remodeler for advise. A kitchen remodeler can help you design the kitchen of your dreams, with as many or as few gadgets as you want.

Whoever is tending to the pots, the kitchen is resurfacing once again as an integral part of the home – the new concept is called a “social kitchen” … one that can be used for both preparation and cooking of meals and also as an entertainment venue for family and friends. The social kitchen has adequate seating for comfort and long conversations. Interior designers today are finding more and more people prefer this trend toward simpler lines, from simpler times.

Accessories Make Cooking Fun And Simple

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Natural Stone Counters And Light Cabinets

The trend is toward light and airy kitchens, whether they are large and sprawling or tiny and compact. Lighter-toned paint colors and accessories help to open up the room, and an example would be natural stone counters and light-colored cabinets, with white being the most popular. Today we consider the kitchen a more sophisticated, rather than homespun venue; designers stress the color gray adds that level of sophistication and it is fast becoming the most-popular kitchen color requested by women and men in kitchen do-overs.

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Cooking Is Fashionable

In today’s world, the growing interest in food culture and cooking has become a hobby, a pastime that is enjoyed by both sexes, and cultivated somewhat by the recent economic downturn, where staying at home and entertaining from your home became synonymous and a necessity. Thus, a return to home and hearth, i.e. cooking is fashionable.

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Kitchen Islands

Everyone wants an island these days. Kitchen islands once were small and tucked away in a corner of the kitchen, but, in the larger kitchens we see today, the size of islands are growing in leaps and bounds. The concept of “foodies”, those people who not only enjoy preparing and cooking the meal, but savoring it as well, are favoring the ease of kitchen islands, which may serve as a food prep station as well as a buffet table.

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Incorporate Modern Accessories Into The Kitchen

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Unframed Cooktops Are Trending

Today, prepping the food then cooking it, doesn’t necessarily mean on the stovetop. Perhaps you have an unframed cooktop. With the interest in open shelving and the open and airy look, the idea of a large appliance taking up space is unfathomable. Why not incorporate the cooktop right into that countertop? Now you know why unframed cooktops are trending.

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Countertops and cabinetry

The Formica countertop was durable and might have lasted for a few generations, but natural stone countertops, and even faux stone, are fast making them extinct. If granite is not an option for your counter, the new materials for countertops are equally as natural or rustic looking as real stone. Kitchen cabinets light up the room with open shelving and paler colors and special hidden compartments that function as pull-out drawers that help keep kitchen gadgets organized and accessible. Say hello to hydraulic doors that fold up and are out of the way at the touch of a button.

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Wine Coolers

In our hectic day-to-day life, sometimes all we need at the end of the day is to simply chill out, and what better way to do so, then by keeping our favorite bottles of wine chilled at just the right temperature so that the chilling out process for you can begin just as soon as you pour that glass of wine. Whether it is just a glass of wine for yourself or you are interacting with a group of friends or family, you can have everyone’s favorite glass of wine chilled and at the ready by purchasing a wine cooler. Wine coolers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are tailored to fit every budget. They may be a stand-alone variety or may be termed “under-counter”, i.e. built right into your existing cabinetry

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Hot Water Dispensers

Dispensing hot water can be fun – hot water dispensers quickly add boiling water to make a quick cup of tea or hot cocoa without the need to put the teakettle on or open up the microwave, heat the water, then tap your toe while the teabag steeps.

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Touch Activated Faucets

Touch-activated faucets and pull-out faucets make life orderly and convenient and gadgets for built-in carbonation and coffee on tap make life even more fun.

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A Digital Corner

Since we are so immersed in the ever-present digital world, a corner should be relegated for the laptop to repose to enable viewing of recipes on-screen while preparing appetizers, drinks or dinners or to program your digital Wi-Fi dishwasher from that same laptop.

If all or some of the trendy kitchen accessories and conveniences sound like the perfect addition to your kitchen, then contact a specialist in kitchen remodeling today. If you are a resident on Mt. laurel NJ or any surrounding towns and looking for a kitchen showroom in your area you can visit Tuscan Sun Kitchens today.