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We Support & Teach FLVS Classes

Not all students are self-starters. Not all students read the directions correctly. Some students just need extra support to complete an essay while others need to learn the tricks to succeeding with a live lesson, collaboration or prep for a discussed-based assessment (DBA). Whatever the case, we support the FLVS curriculum as well as others! If your child/teen needs direct instruction and support, call us. We can help!

The Home School Advantage

Home Schooling doesn't mean that you have to do all the teaching, curriculum planning, and delivery. It can be more dynamic than that if you need it to be. For example, if your child/teen needs to move ahead or go at a slower pace, we can help support that. If you are not great at math and need reinforcements, we can help design that. If you just need help navigating the education system, we do that too.

Amy Weinberger home schooled both of her kids. Erin is currently on the National Broadway Tour of Cinderella, an Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and student at Arizona State University as an Integrative Health Science major and Jake is a Fireman/EMT. There are many ways to pursue an education. Call us if you need support, direction, or a tutor or coach for yourself or your student!

Why We Home Schooled

I am a public school teacher by certification and training, so home schooling never crossed my mind when raising my kids, but it became an option at different times during their 12 year trek through the education system.

1. My husband, Steve, got sick when the kids were in pre-school. The kind of sick where he needed chemotherapy, so the kids couldn't be around other kids because he had never had the chicken pox and the kids could not be vaccinated as it was a live vaccine which would cause exposure to Steve. So, homeschooling became the only option.

2. Our son, Jake, had been diagnosed prior to six years old with Asperger's and AD/HD with sensory regulation issues, so we needed a very part time program that would allow him to attend one hour at a time and then he would come home for the rest of his day and early education experience.

3. By the end of 7th grade, our daughter, Erin, had become a professional actress which kept her up late at night, and she had to sleep in during the mornings, so home school became the best option.

3. The State of Florida does not have the policy to move students ahead if they test out, so as a home school student you can send your scores to the county and "promote" a student, thus Erin skipped 8th grade and began her high school career online using Florida Virtual School.

4. As a home school student, you can enroll as a dual enrollment student as long as you have a 3.5 GPA average and complete high school.

5. By the end of 7th grade, our son, Jake, had been bullied too much and had become sullen. He begged us to withdraw him and become a home school student.

6. Home schooling became a way to help both of our kids regulate their sleep, eating, and biological habits in a more healthy way. It also allowed us to take family trips without missing school.

7. When our son needed major reconstruction surgery on his wrist from an Olympic Weightlifting injury, he needed a three month hiatus from schooling. As a home schooled student, we were able to do that without penalty and resume classes later. he still graduated on time.

8. As a home school parent, I didn't have to fight for an IEP or 504 for either student. Instead, we prepped them to be able to take the standardized testing that they would need to pursue their higher education options which in this case included the PERT exam and the SAT.

9. When Erin had the opportunity to audition or take a master dance class, school usually did not get in the way as we could adjust schooling times. There were few missed opportunities because we had flexibility.

10. I had never intended to be a home school parent! It was one of the best things we ever did. We actually spent lots of time with our kids. They never missed socialization either. They are both well-adjusted, successful, competent young adults.