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September 13 & 14, 2014

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LEADERS/HOSTS: Reminder to Be At the GroupLink Connections Sept. 13/14

We covered this in Orientation, but just a reminder we need each Life Group leader and Host to be at the special connection times we are having after each of the worship services this weekend September 13/14 for about 20 minutes.

Woodland Parrish leaders, you will attend the GroupLink immediately after the Sunday worship on the 14th at the school in the cafeteria. You are welcome to additionally attend the Lakewood Ranch connection times too if you want.

The goal of the GroupLink time is to give those who need that face-to-face connection a chance to meet the leaders and find a group. While many will sign up directly through the bulletin or online, a significant number of people really want to meet the leaders first.

If you can't be at one of the times, please try to have a group representative there for you.

The room will be divided up by huge "Day" banners: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc. around the entire room. Station yourself at the tables below your group's meeting day.

Then under each day will be smaller posters with the various Life stages of the groups meeting on that day. This is to give the group seekers a cue as to what types of groups we are offering on that day and help them find all the possibilities. So, if someone is looking for a Parent of Teens group they will notice Monday and Wednesday there are those groups.

There are tables for you and the other leaders on your day to stand behind and CARDS with your group's info you can hand out.

Sign up can be done by the group seeker just filling out the TEAR OFF TAB in their bulletin insert and GIVING IT TO YOU.

It will be a casual mingle time. Not everyone will sign up at this connection event. Many will do so later. But seeing all the leaders and meeting them is a big motivational part! So smile, be friendly, helpful, and pray. And get to know the other leaders at you station too.

6:00pm Sat. in Gateway B (about 20 minutes)
10:00am Sun. in Gateway B (ditto)
11:45am Sun. in Gateway B (ditto)
Parrish: 11:45am in the cafeteria where you worship

Woodland Parrish New Time: 10am starting 9/21

Starting Sunday, September 21 Woodland Parrish will move to 10:00am. And to kick off the new time, pastor Tim will be there live giving the message on Sept. 21.

How can he be there and at Lakewood Ranch? He will zip out after preach at the 9am service, preach in Parrish, then zip back down to Lakewood Ranch.

Cuba Mission 2015 Info Meeting Wed. 9/17 6pm

Woodland, are you interested in going with us to Cuba next July? Our first Cuba mission trip INFO meeting is coming up Wednesday, September 17 at 6pm in the church lobby next to the Coffee Loft Too. Cuba limits us to 10 people on a team. If you've been considering it, please begin praying about going. Must be 18 or older by the time we go and in good physical condition (able to work in the heat all day, and AC is almost non-existent in Cuba. Weather is very similar to here). Cost is approx. $744 but can change. Need current passport.

What we do: in the mornings we do construction work on the Seminary's new classrooms and dorm space. You don't need to be skilled necessarily, there is plenty of simple manual labor to go around :-) But it definitely is a blessing for any who have trade skills too.

More importantly, In the evenings we lead evangelistic meetings for kids and adults (like VBS) in various house and other churches in the Havana area. Many were started by students or graduates of the Baptist seminary there. You don't need to speak Spanish, but if you do that's great. We have an interpreter at all times too. Since our team goes in the summer, kids are out of school and it's a perfect time for this. We often get to share our testimonies through an interpreter, do training, and encourage the church. They feel isolated and our time with them is extremely encouraging! We train you in what to do each step of the way.

The Church in Cuba: Since the mid 90's the evangelical church in Cuba has expanded very rapidly through the house-church movement. While it is very difficult to ever get permission to build a new church, let alone repair an existing one, Baptist and other evangelicals have been launching thousands of house churches. In fact, there are over 10,000 house churches in Cuba and growing--faster than they can get pastors trained. The Baptist Seminary in Havana is over 100 years old and has 700 students at six different campuses. But resources are very scarce. Havana campus students are split into two groups who rotate in and out of Havana each week. And commuting can take an entire day each way as they have to hitch hike from remote cities. And most have a church they pastor or a job as well.
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