Where will you go in the USA?

The three city in the USA

We first city is Chicago.

Chicago is in the USA. We will go to The Art lnsitute of chicago.

Because famous art museum.

And The Art lnsitute of chicago is beautiful a work of art

Chicago best of tourist attraction. very good.

시카고- 미술관

We second city is New York.

New York is very wonderful city in USA. We like central Park.

Because very beautiful and famouse park.

And central Park is cirizenry of resting place.

central Park have forest,zoo,pond.

I think New York very good City.


We third city is Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is very famous city in USA. Los Angeles is popular Hoollywood City.

And We like Hoolywood Movie.

Los Angeles is best of beach. That's right Santa Monica beach.

tourist many like santa monica.

Because very beauriful and comfirtable

Santa Monica - California

Who are we?