Modern Inventions

Modern Inventions were a positive effect.

Why were modern inventions a positive thing?

Before modern inventions, people had to use hand made tools and just their hands. This got really tiring because it took so long to get things done. If you were picking cotton, you had to get the seeds out without ruining the cotton, which was really hard to do. Then, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin! You would pick the cotton, put it in the cotton gin and it takes the seeds out without ruining the cotton. This is only one of the improvements in the working field though. There were still many in the textile industry.

Textile improvememnts

Along with many improvements in the working field, there were also a lot of textile improvements. These are some of the inventions that made production not only faster, but easier. John Kay created the flying shuttle, which sped up the weaving process. Two other inventions were the spinning jenny and the water frame. Both of these inventions sped up the process of spinning thread. Another invention that made life a lot easier, was the light bulb! It wasn't just a textile improvement, it was an all around improvement! The invention of the light bulb, thanks to Thomas Edison, meant people didn't have to use candles all the time anymore!