by :Tres Salter

Spending time in space as a human

Being in space is dangerous. Especially if you are a human. Lots of things can happen. The mild stuff are things like sleep loss and other things that humans do to their selves on Earth. The major things are Bone loss ( 1 to 1.5 percent a month ) acceleration of age, blood loss, immunodeficiency, and space radiation. Most of these of which can be reversible on Earth.

Possible solutions to space travel effects


Even though that these effects sound terrible, they are reversible. Simple things like exercising and taking vitamins can help. Here are some examples, Exercising!!! Very important as an astronaut. In space muscles shrink due to something about lack of gravity. So, to keep star sailors healthy they put them on a treadmill that has a downward force to keep them in shape. To stay away of the harmful effects of space radiation, members on the space crew take sleep wake shifts to prepare for critical events such as solar flares, to help each other stay non-irradiated. To prevent sleep loss, take sleeping pills. ( that's a joke, I don't know what to do to prevent sleep loss)