Guide for Lawsuits

What you will face in court

What to Expect in Court

You as the plaintiff want to initiate a lawsuit against someone. This is everything you will need to know to be prepared for what is ahead. As the plaintiff, you will be accusing the defendant for a crime. You, the plaintiff, will hire a lawyer and explain to him what you case is. Once the lawyer hears your case, he will release a complaint to the court. Once they receive the complaint they will release a summons towards the defendant and that will play as a court order. It will include everything that you are charging them for and the day that they are to appear in court. A pleading will be submitted which is a complaint and an answer together. Once the defendant has answered to the complaint, a pre-trail will be held with a judicial officer in order to narrow the issues. Mediation will be held in order to try to solve the court case without having to appear in court. If that does not work a trial will be held. A trial is when you, the plaintiff, and the defendant stand before and judge and a jury. The preponderance of evidence will be looked at which is the bigger portion of evidence needed in the court. The judge and jury will come to a verdict which is a decision of who won the case. After the trail is done and you feel that the judge made a mistake you may then take your case to a higher court and appeal the case to them. This is everything that you will see in the near future if you are thinking about suing someone.