Galician Cuisine

Andrew Theall (A1-A3)

Where is Galicia?

Galicia is the most northwestern part of Spain, and has its coast along the Atlantic ocean. Because of this much of the cuisine in Galicia is seafood. Galicia has the largest fishing port in Spain, made up of 5,106 vessels which capture 173,050 tons of seafood per year.

What is Galician Cuisine like?

Because Galicia is on the coast most of its cuisine incorporates seafood. Some of the favorite foods here are shrimp, baby clams, squid, octopus and sea barnacles. A huge amount of the food in Galicia has one of these ingredients in it.
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Example food: Pulpo á Feira

Pulpo á Feira is tenderized octopus that is then boiled and cooked with salt and paprika, with olive oil. It is usually served on a wooden platter as shown above.