Creating a Coaching Culture

with Dr. Jane Kise

The book Creating a Coaching Culture for PLCs has been offered as a book study for many educators in the CESA 10 region. Its focus is to help you build a collaborative coaching culture that ensures all adults learn in a way that keeps the focus on student learning.

Join us on June 23rd to hear Dr. Jane Kise, Solution Tree Presenter and co-author of this book, as she works with you to approach collaborative teams through the lens of personality type. This approach will lead teams to communicate more clearly, avoid "group think", balance decision making and problem solving, and will ultimately propel PLC teams toward effectiveness.

Dr. Kise holds an MBA in finance from the Carlson School of Management and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas. Dr. Kise is the coauthor of over 20 books, including: Intentional Leadership, Differentiated Coaching: A Framework for Helping Teachers Change, LifeKeys, Unleashing the Positive Power of Differences, and Creating a Coaching Culture for PLCs.

Thursday, June 23rd, 8:30am-3pm

725 West Park Avenue

Chippewa Falls, WI

There is no cost for CESA 10 Instructional Services Leadership consortium members to attend. If you are part of the Instructional Services Leadership consortium, just enter code ISL during registration. (Instructional Services Leadership consortium member districts are listed on the MyQuickReg description.)

Lunch will be provided!

Please click the following link to register for this event. The registration deadline is May 26, 2016.