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Week of May 9-13, 2016

In the Know....

Happy Mother's Day for all the Moms out there and for all the MOM's in our lives... we would not be the people we are without them!!

I hope you had a fantastic day with the people you love!

1. Ashley will be out of the building this week at a training. She will have limited access to email but will be checking if you need anything, we can reach out to other school techs.

2. May 16th we will be hosting various NWLC members to visit classrooms. I will be talking to leadership this week about this visit. When they visit classrooms from 8-10 they will be looking at and reporting the level of engagement students are experiencing and the level of students centered activities. This feedback will be shared with a group of leaders and teachers. Take the opportunity in GL PLC meetings this week to discuss activities for that Monday and the rest of the year. if you have any questions, please see me. I have attached an attachment to this newsletter for you to get a better understanding of the process. Relax and just do what you do!!! You are fabulous!

3. Spring Carnival this Sunday!!! 1-5.

PLC: Professial Learning Communities

As part of our feedback that we received, the interest in providing more time to collaboration is important to ALL of us. Please take some time to participate in this survey as we begin this summer to revamp our time and what collaboration in a PLC looks like. The GLC will be working with Ann Ferrell, a former FC principal and wonderful support for Authentic PLC work. She will use this data to lead our work. The data is anonymous, so please use this opportunity to share strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you so much for your transparency! Your voice is being heard!

CCRPI... Way to go CWES!!!!

CWES gains...3.5%-

From 85.9 (SY14) to 89.4 (SY15)

CCRPI is the College and Career Ready Performance Index which replaced AYP. This indicator allows schools to measure growth in various ways such as Achievement points, School Climate ratings, Challenge points and closing the achievement gap points. More information can be found here:

Tuesday: Leadership 3pm.



May 16 visit

Expectations: beginning of the year


Thank you!!!

A huge big thank you to Anita and Ashley. Both these ladies put in countless hours preparing and helping before and after school hours. Thank goodness we did not have as many computer glitches as others. Thank you Ashley!!!

Thank you 3,4 and 5th grade teachers and proctors for a job well done! It was a long 3 weeks!

My schedule this week:

Monday - In the building

Tuesday- In the building. SGC am

Wednesday- New principals meeting

Thursday- In the building

Friday- In the building

** daily calendar posted outside my door.

Thank you for all you do! I am so proud to be your principal!!! #ibelieveinyou!

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