All The Wrong Questions

Lemony Snicket, Little Brown Company October 2012, 258 pages


Lemony Snicket - Main character. 10 year old scouted to solve the case.

Theodora - Character who scouted Lemony to help solve the case. Helps Snicket what to do on the missions.

Mrs. Sallis - Victim of stolen statue. Who they got the case from. Tells Snicket what the Mallahans weakness Is.

Hangfire - The thief of the case. Kidnapper and thief of valuable objects.

Plot Summary

In Who Could that be at this Hour, It's about Lemony and Theodora trying to solve the case of who stole Mrs. Sallis'es statue of the Bombinating Beast. The book starts as Lemony is at a tea shop having tea with his family. Then he goes to the bathroom and someone is knocking on the window which picks Lemony up and takes him. The person who was picking him up was Theodora. They find out that "Hangfire" captures people and threatens them. When he threatens them they have to go try to find the statue. Hangfire thinks he has the statue, but its the fake one while Lemony returns it to its rightful owner.


The main conflict is that the statue was stolen by Hangfire and Lemony and Theodora have to recover it. They have to go and get it while saving people from Hangfires action. One action was, while Theodora was in the hotel, Hangfire went into the room and tied her to chair.

Title Explanation

One quote that Theodora said was " That's a wrong question ". I picked that quote because i think it changed how Lemony thought about how to solve the mystery.

Book Review

I would recommend this book if you like a good mystery or if you are just looking for something fun to read. Of a rating 1 to 10, I would give it a 8.5 . If the author could of just made a difference of a little more encounters with Hangfire it would be 10 out of 10.