History of basketball

By: Maryking Jackson

How was it created?

In 1891, a Canadian physical education teacher named Dr. James Naismith was told to create a game that could be played indoors for the cold Massachusetts winter weather. He had a two-week deadline to create an "athletic distraction" for a disruptive group of students. He wanted to create something like a game he played when he was a kid called "duck on a rock" where the player would lob a small rock at a duck placed on top of another larger rock to try to knock the duck off. He used a soccer ball and two peach baskets placed ten feet in the air, nine players on each team with 13 basic rules, Dr. Naismith created the game of "basket ball."

Rules and Regulationsof the game

Some basic rules for the game of basketball are that there are two teams of five players each and each team is trying to get a ball in a hoop ten feet off the ground. It is played on a rectangular court with two hoops and a midcourt of half court line. The offense has ten seconds to get the ball over the half court line, and if they don't the other team gets the ball. The team who is defending the ball is called the defense and they try to get the ball over to their side. The defense can block shots and steal the ball. If a player makes a shot within the three point line, it's two points. Of so,some makes a shot behind the three point line its three points. Players can't stay in the lane, or the rectangular box under the basketball hoop for more than 3 seconds. Some of the regulations are

-no hitting

- pushing

- slapping


-illegal pick/screen

Some of the personal penalties are

-no charging


- flagrant foul

-intentional foul

-technical foul

Violations are



-double dribble

-held ball

-goaltending ( where the ball has touched the backboard and the defense blocks the shot)

-time restrictions

Player positions




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