About me

Jamie Causey

Welcome to class!

I believe literature is deeply meaningful, wildly fascinating, and the window to our souls. As a subject taught in schools, it has both practical and cultural significance. Reading and writing well can make anyone a powerful communicator. The better you become at expressing yourself, whether in a memo to your company's employees or a research report for a scientific study, the better you become at the career you have chosen.

More importantly, though, literature helps us find meaning. A curious species, we are on a constant journey for answers to every kind of question, from soul searching to obtuse inquiries. Where do people turn when they want to find out the meaning of life? They turn to a book. Where do people go when they want to find out who Bella will choose in New Moon? They go to a book. Even if people access the answer online, they are still navigating the written word to do so. My passion is literature and I hope to help spark that fire in students.

Secondly, I see teaching as a critical profession. There is so much to be gained in a classroom if students and parents are willing and ready to go after it. My colleagues are some of the brightest, most dedicated people I know. We work long hours to perfect lessons, help students who did not understand in class, and organize extra-curricular activities. Summers are not so much time off as they are an opportunity to breathe after a vigorous school year, take workshops with Collegeboard's Advanced Placement program or Folger Library (among many others), and finally get to read the stack of novels that went unfinished during the school year. I have a vision for what teaching and schools could be and I hope to express that with the assistance of my studies as a master of English Education student.

Lastly, (but certainly not least) I have a circle of supportive friends, family, and my dog Penny. Without them, I never would have learned to laugh, love, and live the way I do.

Anything else you need to know, just ask!