Counseling & PBSES Newsletter

Newcastle Elementary

Dear Families,

Happy First week of Spring, and HAPPY 1st DAY BACK to the building for our 4th/5th Grade Students! We are so excited to be able to see more of our awesome Lions. I hope the excitement outweighs any nerves we are feeling, and if that's not the case, we can always turn to nature to help us center, recharge, and find our peace. Accepting and coping with change, even the positive kind, is something nature has always taught us.

~Kailey & Alex

Resources for Families

Lunch for the Break

The IFCB & ISF are partnering to provide Lunch for the Break. Distribution is Friday, April 2, from 10 am - 3 pm. Pre-registration is required to participate; drive up distribution service ONLY. Check in will take place at the Issaquah Community Center parking lot. Once checked in, please follow instructions to drive up to the food bank. We will have grocery gift cards and fresh produce, dairy and bread available. There will be no unregistered walk-ups for this special Lunch for the Break program.

Supporting our AAPI & BIPOC Families

Resources to Use with Students:

Talking to kids about anti-Asian racism:

Read Alouds to CELEBRATE our AAPI students:

My name is Yoon:

Mama's Sari's:

My name is Jar:

A Different Pond:

Taking Care of Ourselves During Times of Racial Stress & Collective Grief:

1. Build or access a support network. You are not alone in dealing with race-related stress and connecting with other people with similar experiences and feelings can help you to successfully navigate racism.

2. Incorporate cultural foods, activities, music, books, and other traditions into your home. For example, take some time for yourself to listen to music that reflect and promote your culture, that make you feel good about yourself.

3. Get some exercise. It can be as simple as going for a walk and enjoying the outside; (OR if you're like me and indoors feels safer right now) a simple 5-10 minutes of stretching or yoga exercises. Being physically active is proven to help reduce and manage stress.

4. Take 10-20 minutes to practice deep breathing exercises or meditation.

5. Journal a. Take 5-10 minutes in the morning, before, bed or both to write down your thoughts and feelings and reflect on your day. b. You can also write down positive affirmations or positive things that happened to you today.

6. Limit your media intake. Be mindful of the media you take in and how long you spend taking it in. The media can be a source of race-related stress, through constant coverage of racial violence. Try disconnecting from social media and news for 15 minutes to one hour today and reflect on how you feel afterwards.

7. Seek out counseling/therapy from therapists who you feel you can relate to or reflect your cultural values to discuss ongoing stressful situations, process complicated feelings, and strengthen your resolve.

8. If spirituality plays an important role in your life, use your belief system to cope with stress. This could involve connecting with other groups or individuals who share your spiritual beliefs, confiding in your spiritual leaders, or participating in your spiritual rituals (e.g., prayer, meditation).

9. Take some time to listen to a podcast that you enjoy. Or watch a funny tv show or funny animal YouTube videos.

Swedish School Based Health Counselors

The Issaquah School District, in partnership with Swedish, have our Swedish School Based Health Counselors (SBHCs) available to offer virtual mental health services to students in the Issaquah School District! See the file below for more information:

Coal Creek YMCA LEAP Program

The Y is pleased to introduce Y LEAP Academy, a full-day program designed in partnership with individual school districts to support kids and families with distance learning and school-day care along with the enrichment activities, social emotional learning, and play that the Y is known for. For more information visit:

Schoolhouse Rec!

“Schoolhouse Rec!” provides children with a safe, quiet and supportive environment for successful online schooling participation with the added benefit of socialization during lunch, recess and Wednesday afternoon art, PE and crazy shenanigans! February spots are available for Issaquah School District students, grades K-5. Create a schedule that works for your family. $60/day; $50/day for Issaquah Residents.
** If you have complications with accessing our available district food supports (or know someone who does), or if you are needing school supplies, please reach out to Ms. Mutter ( and she will assist in finding a solution that best meets your needs**