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Heritage Staff Newsletter - November 28, 2016

Why Should We Use Formative Assessments

"Formative assessments are ongoing assessments, observations, summaries, and reviews that inform teacher instruction and provide students feedback on a daily basis. (Fisher & Frey, 2007) While assessments are always crucial to the teaching and learning process, nowhere are they more important than in a differentiated classroom, where students of all levels of readiness sit side by side. Without the regular use of formative assessment, or checks for understanding, how are we to know what each student needs to be successful in our classrooms? How else can we ensure we are addressing students' needs instead of simply teaching them what we think they need? Assessment for learning - formative assessments - support learning during the learning process. " Judith Dodge

Assessing for Learning includes:

  1. understanding in advance the learning targets that students must hit

  2. informing students of those learning targets with each lesson

  3. using classroom assessments to build student confidence

  4. translating classroom assessment results into feedback so students know how to improve.

  5. adjusting instruction based on classroom assessments

  6. students can become part of the process and see themselves grow

“The effect of assessment for learning is that students keep learning and build confidence as they continue to learn at productive levels.”

The Assessment Handbook from the Master Teacher

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Updates and FYI's

  • Nov. 28th: Please review the holiday AR that will be sent out. Thanks!
  • Nov. 28th: NetSmartz during Co-Curr
  • Nov. 28th: Community Storehouse Toy Drive begins
  • Nov. 29th: Severe Weather Drill 2:00
  • Dec. 2nd: Fire Drill 11:45
  • Dec. 5th: Spelling Bee
  • Dec. 6th: CEIC Meeting 3:30 Library
  • Dec. 9th: PTA Polar Express movie night on Dec 9th - Be sure you have grade level representation
  • Dec. 10th: Staff Holiday Party 6:00-9:00

Upcoming Events to have on your radar:

  • March 24th - 12 hours of EQ time due
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Faculty Meeting - Working Agenda - December 1st

  • Celebrations
  • Quick review of the Holiday AR
  • Read and Review of Chapter 1 "Six Steps to Avoid in Formative Assessments"
  • Conferring - Share and Learn: Please bring your system and examples of the Conferring Notes for Reading and/or Writing Workshop. You will be given time to share best practices and ideas for this very essential strategy of formative assessment in the reading/writing workshop.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

Thank you!!!!

WOW! I was totally impressed with your work to organize the Brown Bag, Let's Get Real, Podcast, and Grandparent's Day. You all are truly committed to creating a positive and inclusive culture at Heritage Elementary. I am honored to see it in action and to be a part of the magic!!!

Support Paula Olson!

Come out and support Paula Olson and her fight with breast cancer during Spirit Night Dec. 1st 5:00-9:00! Please mention “Paula” when ordering. Dine in or Drive thru at Chic Fil-A. VALID AT BOTH PRESIDIO TOWNE CROSSING & ALLIANCE TOWN CENTER LOCATIONS.

Thank you for your support!!!

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