The Third Amendment

By: Parker and Mike

Opening statement

Today we will be talk about the third amendment which stopped soldier from taking private homes any time.


Background: Before the revolutinary war british soldiers went into and took over private homes. Soldiers ignored the basic rights of the people by taking civilian homes.

Effect:The third amendment denied any soldier access to civilain homes without personal consent from the owner.


Amendment III: Quartering of Soldiers

No soldiers shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in a time of war, but in manner to be prescribe by law.

In Modern terms a soldier may not enter your house and take over it during a time of peace / war without the House owners permission.


The third amendment was signifying because it gave people their right to control their property and who lives in it. The legacy of this amendment carries on till present day by denying any soldier from entering a house without permission. Back when it was passed it was a way to stop British soldiers from entering your house.


We believe the third amendment was a good law to pass because it gave people privacy and didn't allow soldiers to take homes without consent.