Hardwood Flooring in Toronto


Why More Homeowners Choose Discount Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

More and more homeowners are installing discount hardwood flooring in Toronto, and there are good reasons why. There are many benefits to hardwood floors other than its natural beauty. For instance, did you ever consider how environmentally friendly it might be? The initial reaction of environmentally concerned people to the subject of wooden floors is that it is bad for the environment, as it uses up precious natural resources. That is no longer true; in fact hardwood has become one of the most environmentally friendly materials available due to clever reforesting programs. More hardwood is now grown annually around the world than is used. On top of that it is also one of the most affordable due to the availability of discount hardwood flooring in Toronto.

Carpet vs. Hardwood

There’s nothing like the warmth a carpet can provide a home on those cold winter nights. That is truly one of the best attributes of carpets along with the richness it adds to a room. Carpet maintains heat, but it also absorbs sound and provides a comfortable surface to walk on. At one time it could be said that carpet was a cheaper option than hardwood, and though that was once true, it no longer is. Some hardwood flooring costs as little as 50 cents per square foot, and you can find many affordable styles and types at any hardwood flooring clearance sale in Toronto.

One downside of carpet is that it needs to be vacuumed and shampooed on a regularly basis, it is definitely high maintenance. Even then, it can still trap harmful allergens and irritants like mildew, mold, mites, and animal dander that cause or aggravate respiratory problems. Additionally the chemicals used in the installation, and of course the manufacturing of carpet, are quite toxic and harmful to the environment.

Hardwood floors however are easy to keep clean. A mopping once or twice a week keeps them clean and they are virtually mildew and mold resistant. Again, they are an incredibly renewable resource due to reforesting. Their natural beauty speaks for itself, and as warm as a carpeted room may be in winter, a richly grained hardwood with a well-placed area rug can give it a good run for its money.

Many have concerns about hardwood floors warping when they expand due to humidity and temperature changes. Modern technology has eradicated that problem with the production of engineered hardwood flooring. The engineered hardwood floors are laminated in a way that the plank cannot twist or warp, and as long as it is installed properly, there is no problem with warping.

The awesome beauty of hardwood flooring can’t be ignored, and if purchased at a hardwood flooring clearance sale in Toronto, makes your bank book beautiful as well.

Hardwood flooring is a wise and environmentally friendly choice. If you’re looking for an affordable, attractive, and durable surface that is easy to maintain, contact one of the hardwood flooring liquidators in Toronto today.