Quartering Act Protest!

Fight for your country before it's to weak too fight for you

Why are we doing this?

Since March 22, 1765 we have had to follow the rules of the Quartering act. These rules include housing, feeding, and supplying the British soldiers. WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE. Time to protest...

Protest Details

Monday, Nov. 4th 1765 at 7:15-11pm

Town Square

Bring different posters and signs to use to protest with. Tell family and friends. Be careful, there are British spies. DO NOT LET ANY BRITISH PEOPLE KNOW. Leave kids at home with a trusted friend.

*Warning: There is a possible chance of death or injury. Come at your own risk.

No Quartering Act!

If we succeed, we will have no more soldiers stealing our things or staying in our homes. NO MORE QUARTERING ACT.