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Harrods department store: All things, for all people, everywhere

Charles Henry Harrod was the founder of Harrods, the world famous department store Knightsbridge, London. The store started as a wholesale grocery selling tea in the East End of London, the Knightsbridge store was established in 1849. The store has seven floors with 330 deparments. It had an exotic pet department until 1970s.

The department store sells a wide variety of luxurious fashion brands for women, men and children. The merchandise includes accessories, shoes, beauty products, food & wine and homewares. The store has its own label called Harrods Own Label, the label offers accessories, foods, wines, and kitchenware at inexpensive prices. The store has seasonal sale both in store and online. Harrods also has premium restaurants for clients to enjoy shop and dine experience.

The store has Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest and online store to keep the clients informed of their latest products and gourmet foods. The House of Fraser acquired the department store in 1959, then in 1980s, the al-Fayed family became the largest shareholder of the store. In 2010, Harrods was sold to Qatar Holding.

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Pradasphere at Harrods

Harrods hosted the Pradasphere exhibition for one month in spring 2014. The event showcased Prada collections from the past, a pop-up shop with an exclusive collection for Harrods and the Pradasphere café.
There are many other competitors and Harrods has been looking for ways to win back the younger local generation. Harrods has been adding luxurious brands to the store. The exhibition and exclusive collection of a power fashion house was a great way to gain attraction from the locals.

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Harrods unveils the 2013 Christmas windows: The Harrods Express

2013 Christmas windows

The display and the music create a retro vibe for the Christmas windows. It reminds people of the historical department store and nostalgic feeling.

The store at Knightsbridge, London

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Harrods is a local retailer, the first store is the one at Knightsbridge, and there are two stores at Heathrow and Gatwick airport.

Pricing structure

Harrods is both volume-driven and image-driven. The store has many luxury brands and its own private label, the sales usually happen in the summer and winter. Many locals think that Harrods is old-fashioned and it is only for tourists, they prefer to choose Selfridges because they offer much more new fashion brands than Harrods. Harrods have been working to win back the local customers by adding new brands and special events to the store. Most of the product prices are in odd ending. Their foods and drinks end in £XX.95.
Homeware and kitchenware end in £XX.99. Clothes end in £X95, £X25 etc.
Harrods has two sales a year, the promotional pricing strategy that they use should be time-sensitive tactics. There are just about two times in a year when customers can buy discounted products in a limited period of time.