By: Joeun, Maureigh, and Nura

The Best Type of Energy

In our opinion, we think hydroelectricity is the best type of energy. Why you ask? Here's why. It is clean: it doesn't pollute and no harmful fuels and gases are released. One swiftly flowing river can produce A LOT of electricity. Also, it is renewable, so if you need, feel free to use more! The bad thing is dams can block the flow of the river, therefor changing the temperature of the river, and harming aquatic life.

Hydroelectric pictures

Why We Didn't Chose The Other Types of Energy

We didn't choose wind because the wind has to be traveling at 14 mph to work. Solar energy doesn't work at night or on cloudy/foggy days. Geothermal energy isn't able to be transported. Biofuels pollutes the air.