Chief Administrator

By: Drew, Teja, Varshni, and Claire


  • Leader of the Executive Branch

  • Representative of the nation

  • Runs and directs 2.7 million government officials with a budget of 2.5 trillion a year

  • Annually meets with the Vice President, secretaries of Defense

  • Power to control the national budget

  • Making sure the laws are faithfully executed

  • Appoint officials as provided for by Congress with the agreement of the majority of Senate

  • Controlling and appointing the Cabinet

  • Request written opinions of administrative officials

  • Fill administrative vacancies during congressional recesses

  • In charge of the bureaucracy


  • Allows the President to carry out the execution of the law and make sure it is followed

  • Gives him control over the Executive Branch

  • Can change the national budget and other laws

  • Controls aspects of the bureaucracy such as cabinet members and government officials