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Hello Team!

Happy Holiday!

From what I hear, most people had a pretty relaxing break. Folks celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and generally, experienced moments of sincere relaxation and love.

Second semester is slated to be a great one. We are solidified as a team and this semester we will continue to maintain our solid foundation. Review the 'State of the IIMCA Union' newsletter that I sent out to our stakeholders- these areas are our strengths and our work is producing accolades for our school community. More importantly, our scholars are showing improvement in their attainment of the content and their character development.

With that said, ACCOUNTABILITY will be one of my priority areas for the team. I am incredibly excited about this second semester and even more excited about the program we will be delivering to our scholars!

Proud to be your leader; excited about the present!

Director Collins

Week One, Second Semester- CULTURE

If you did not include culture in your lesson plans, you need to!

Reset your culture and expectations. Contact parents and hold your scholars accountable to the vision you have set for your classroom.

Action plan to resetting culture:

Assign seats thoughtfully

Ice breaker activities (Must be simple and not require much movement)

Discuss classroom rules and consequences- Hold scholars to it

Assign homework that is related to classroom culture. For example, an essay describing the perfect classroom, interview a scholar (you choose the scholar), complete a peer scavenger hunt, etc. If scholars do not turn it in on-time... What are the consequences? Must exist and must be immediate and fair.

Supervision- January


Front Gate/Greeter: Geoffrey, Earl

Zen Garden/Office Area: Camille

Restrooms/Room 8: Terrance


Zen Garden/Office Area: Sam

Restrooms/Room 8: Ericka, Liz

Basketball Court: Security Guard

Adult RR Area: M'Jumbe/Brittanee


Zen Garden/Office Area: Emyln

Restrooms/Room 8: Lyndsey, Sterling (8th Grade Lunch), Geoffrey (7th Grade lunch), LongTerm Sub- Cary Hill (6th grade lunch)

Basketball Court: Security Guard

Adult RR Area: Bryant

Cafeteria: Emyln

Everyone begins in cafeteria until scholars are dismissed


Front Gate/Greeter: Ava, Nancy, Liz

Zen Garden/Office Area: Brittanee

Restrooms/Room 8: YPI Program

21 Dreams

21 Dreamers will be back in the classroom. They will be participating in a series of groups that will be supporting their growth as scholars. I will discuss at our Wednesday meeting.

Lesson Plans

  • Lesson plans are due by 3 pm on Sunday.
  • Your lesson plan will be reviewed by your mentor teacher every week. Corrections/comments may be made on your LP, if that is the case, you must make the changes on the following week's LP.

#1 Priority: Culture (The improvements are Palpable!)

  • Continue to enforce the expectations and celebrate successes
  • Set the expectation, repeat until your class has it down, proceed with your next expectations
  • Frequently use talking points to encourage our scholars and stakeholders
  • Culture checklist- members of the ILT and Ops team will be observing and providing feedback this week

TEF Classroom Management: 2.1 A. Value of Effort and Challenge

  • A member from the ILT will be coming in to observe this indicator
  • Academics must be the primary reason for celebration in the classroom
  • Behavior is your second reason for celebration
  • How will your system highlight academic and behavioral success in your classroom on a daily basis?

ILT is observing the following:

  • Many missed opportunities to connect high expectations to high grades, top colleges, etc
  • Lack of scholar work/achievements up in the classroom (Data wall can be used)

Action Step:

  • Connect current learning experiences to short and long term goals rather than just completion of the objective itself
  • Student of the Day, Week, Month and/or Year- Recognition and incentives

TEF Behavior Focus: 2.2 A

I am observing the following:

  • Scholars talking over the teacher
  • Scholars are unclear about shifts in their expectations during the different parts of the cycle

Action Step:

  • Don't talk over scholars. Stop and make eye contact with the scholar who is talking. Throughout the lesson walk with purpose toward scholar who may have a hard time staying on task
  • During the Do Now, I need you to be at level 0, working independently. If you have a question/comment/concern raise your hand and I will come by
  • While I am talking I need all eyes on me, level 0, SLANTING

TEF Academic Focus: 3.3 B

I am observing the following:
  • Scholars providing one word answers
  • Responding to answers with 3-5 grammatical errors

Action Step:

  • Once the scholar answers the question, prompt them to restate the answer using the following academic terms and/or evidence (have scholars refer to notes, PowerPoint slide, etc to determine academic language and facts) in a complete sentence. For scholars who may struggle with using complete sentences, model the correct way to answer the question (with academic vocab/evidence) and allow them repeat. (Note that this is a child that needs small group instruction)
  • Provide scholar with sentence starter, example of what can be said
  • Pull child aside to discuss the error- especially when it's reoccuring

PSAs this Wednesday

Don't forget to administer your PSA this week. Also, if your data is not up to date, update it by Tuesday night.
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Classroom Environments

A few of our classrooms are no longer parent/picture ready. Review the classroom environment checklist and identify what needs to be changed/enhanced, and/or redone. Nancy will be around this week to provide you with feedback. Utilize Nancy's decorative skills to enhance your learning environment.

All environments need to be updated.

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Continue to submit attendance at the beginning of every period. If you are having challenges with attendance, reach out to Ms. Corona for support
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***Save The Date***

Month of January

  • Wednesday, 13: Ops and Instruction Meeting- Will begin together in Tawfik's classroom. Lunch will be served at 1 pm.

  • Additional dates will be sent in our next newsletter

"The future depends on what we do in the present"