Space Travels

Charles Loxley

Some History On Space Travel

When rockets started out it was in china when rockets were only used for celebration and military uses. Once we made rockets that could orbit the earth there was more research in the 20th century with 3 scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovski a Russian scientist, Robert Goddard an United states scientist, and a german scientist Hermann Oberth. When they researched they only sought to use them for war at first as WW2 was in the time and it seemed right but after that Russia and America went in to the Space Race.

Space Debris

Out everything in space you'd think that a paint chip would be the least of your worry's but your wrong it could end it all. Any thing that floats in space is basically debris and could be any size from a planet to a 1 cm piece of paint.Back in 1983 when the shuttle The Challenger went in space a piece of paint about 4 cm hit its window and cracked it whitch shows you how dangerous it is.
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Radiation and Cosmic Rays

This was a BIG Problem back when space travel first stared and is still a problem. The radiation that travels in space are super fast subatomic particles that with out a suit would rip through our DNA molecules and have the very high risk of cancer and luckily our planet has a shield that blocks out 99.9% out of the planet or we would look like well we wouldnt be here.
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Launching and Re-Entry

This is the most scariest thing for an astronaut Because they need to travel 7 miles a second or 250,000 miles a hour witch is a extreme speed for humans and the cause of the 1986 Space Shuttle The Challenger was the cause of low speed witch took the lives of all 7 crew members
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Moon Dust

You wouldn't think moon dust is that dangerous but you thought wrong it sticks to everything and is like small daggers damage anything like electronics and clogging stuff up imagine breathing it in which Apollo 17 learned there lesson with that as they forgot to dust off the boots before re-entering the space capsule and they complained of congestion and thank fully there wasn't enough to hurt them
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