By: Kennedy Koehne


1. Speed is how fast an object moves for a certain amount of distance it moves.

2. Some factors in the design of a car that has an effect on the speed is it should have round edges and the car should be light and small.

3. An example of a technology that helps improve vehicle emissions, gas mileage, or safety is, fuel additives that help maximize fuel efficiency and help avoid problems.


1. Some factors that are important for a successful launch of your car is the car should be smooth and not very long so the car will go faster.

2. Some of the best features of my car is the color and the design of the car. The design of the car has round edges.

3. Some negative things about my car is that the body of the car is long and it has a lot of divots in the car which slowed it down. It was also really heavy.

4. I think my car will go 3.5 mph

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1. Something that turned out well about my car is the design and it at least crossed the finish line even though it lost every race.

2. I enjoyed making the dragster in the wood shop the most. Also I enjoyed painting and designing it.

3. Something I could improve on to make it better is to use less wood and not design it as long as I did. This will make the dragster go faster.

4. My least favorite part was designing the car on the computer and racing because I lost all the races.

5. In the end my car went 8.86 mph.