Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Transportation Operatoions

People who work in this group make sure that people and goods are moved. Some drive the vehicles (trucks, ships, planes, buses) that move people and freight around the country. Some even haul freight around the world!!!! Others manage the shipments and keep them organized.

Commercial Pilots

Tasks and Conditions

  • Fly aircraft to transport passengers and cargo.
  • Make sure aircraft is operating properly.
  • Keep in touch with control tower before take-off and landing the aircraft.
  • Calculate speed of aircraft for liftoff.
  • Plan flights following government regulations.

Commercial Pilot Try-outs

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 11am

Morrill, NE, United States

Morrill, NE

Come try out for our new flying position, you will need all the skills and information that I mention in the flyer above. We will be picking out 5 of the best pilots to receive the newest job at Morrill air Port. Good Luck Pilots!!!
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