Humid Continental

United States and Canada

Type of Vegetation

So the kind of trees in the Humid Continental in the region cottonwood, ash, cherry, weeping willow, birch. There are other trees like pitch pine, oak, hickory, and maple. Now the wildflower is jack in the pulpit, pussywillow,wild carrot, cattail, chamomile.

Type of Wildlife

There are bison, raccoon, prairie dogs, and coyote are in the Humid Continental.


Playing soccer, running, basketball, football, tag, and reading.


Big houses, colorful, designed sculpture, and forest homes.

type of Clothing is used

Jackets for cold days, short shirt short pants for the summer, and long sleeve shirt a short pants to hike and discover.

My Climate Region

The continental climate is a type of cold winters, hot summers, rainfall average of 37.1 inch. In the area Winnipeg, Chicago, Toronto, and New York. Summer temperature is about 71 degrees and in winter temperature usually average is 25 degrees..