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May 18, 2020

THIS WEEK - Device Drop-off and Personal Belongings Pick-up

We will be collecting devices/chargers, textbooks, library books, and any other school materials by last names.

  • Last names A-L will be on Tuesday, May 19th from 11:00-1:00 or 4:00-6:00

  • Last names M-Z will be on Wednesday, May 20th from 11:00-1:00 or 4:00-6:00

  • If you can’t make it on your designated day, please come the other day.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please read through the following information:

  1. Place a post-it note on your child’s device with his/her name on it.

  2. Chargers should be wound-up nice and neatly.

  3. Remove any papers from textbooks before collection.

  4. Return ALL library books that day. You should have received an email notifying you of the library books your child has at home. All library books that were found in desks have been returned to the library already. If you have looked and cannot find one or more library books, please be prepared to pay the cost to replace those books. The price is listed on the emails that have been sent. Please put that payment in an envelope with your students name and LOST LIBRARY BOOK. If that book is found by you later or at school, you will receive a refund.

  5. If your child has any items from nurse Brandi at school, there will be a green label on your bag to notify you there are health care items or information in the bag.

  6. Report cards, awards, end-of-year items from teachers, etc. are in the bags, so please go through them with your child once you are at home.

In order for the traffic to continue and flow as best as it can, please read through the following.

  1. Traffic controllers will be out at the front of school helping and guide vehicles. They will ask you for the child’s name and will be radioing names for the teacher to be ready with your child’s bag.

  2. We can use the double lanes until the playground area.

  3. Tables are set-up in grade-level order K-5th around the back of the school.

  4. Please stay in the right lane until you are finished dropping all items off for all of your children.

  5. Once you are done, you may use the left lane to leave with caution.

  6. If you are in a hurry, please come back at a different time. We will try our best.

  7. No one is permitted to get out of their vehicles.

Happy Retirement!

Congratulations Mrs. Sermersheim, Mrs. Weidenbenner, and Mrs. Meyer! We are very thankful for your commitment to our students and school. We wish you the best in the next chapter of your life!

Thank you to all families that came out for the retirement parade! See the video below of the surprise retirement evening!

Highlighting 5th grade Students!

We have certainly treasured our many days and memories at Ireland Elementary with you, 2020 5th graders!

“It's true that you

Are touched by something

That will grow and bloom in you”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! Dream big! Here’s Mrs. Hoffman’s class…

It’s been a treat watching you grow up from nervous Kindergarteners to fearless 2020 5th Graders!

“Look how far you've come

You filled your heart with love

I wanna try everything

I wanna try even though I could fail”

We’re excited for your new experiences ahead!! Be brave! Here’s Mrs. Pfister’s class…

Well those 6 years flew by! You’ll always have a piece of hearts, 2020 5th graders!

“Memories you’re making

You’ll frame inside your heart

So go and write your song

The world will sing along”

Always be proud of who you are. We’ll be right here cheering you along! Here’s Mrs. Mehringer’s class…

Library Books

Please return all library books at drop-off on Tuesday or Wednesday!

To see what your child still has checked out, please follow these directions. There is a link on our Ireland website under the Media Center tab called Follett Destiny. It is provided below, as well. Click Ireland Elementary. Click login (top right - MUST have clicked Ireland Elementary first!!)). Use the same login numbers that your student always uses. There will be a tab called MY INFO. This will show you what books to start looking for!

You will be returning the library books along with devices. See above for more information.

Any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Gossett at

Lost and Found

Please view the video below of all the "Lost and Found" items. If you recognize anything, please call the office at 812-482-7751 to let us know. Anything left after May 22nd will be donated.

Please show your child as they might recognize their friend's clothes to help us out!


Kindness Challenge of the Week

Draw or paint a smiley face on a rock and leave it at a park to brighten someone’s day.

Every week, your child will be receiving a kindness challenge! If they complete the challenge, they get to put up a sticker on our kindness challenge board!

Jump in on the fun at home too! Help us promote kindness to all - at school, home, and community!

Accelerated Reader

Top 10 Readers of the Week! Congratulations!

We have been so HAPPY that you are reading, so we now have AR open to take tests EVERY DAY from 8:00 - 8:00!

Keep reading and taking those tests!

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Another Fun Video - Staff Hobbies!

We are back with another fun video for your child! Check it out! Share a picture of you and your favorite hobby in the comments on our Ireland Elementary Facebook page. We'd love to see what you've been up to!

Book Toss Video!

The staff created another fun video! Check it out below!

What are you reading? Share a picture with us on our facebook post of you with a favorite book in the comments. We want to see your smiling faces! We miss you!

Guess Who?

The Ireland staff has put together another video for you! We took it back to 5th grade! Click on the blue "Guess Who" box below!

Can you guess who the staff members are? Fill out this form to see how many you can get right!

We Miss You!

The WHOLE Ireland Staff misses you so much! Please show your child the video below!

Art Student of the Week!

Congratulations to Trent Walton! He constructed this amazing bookmark using a loom! Way to go, Trent!

Dubois County Museum - Virtual Field Trip

We are so lucky to have a marvelous museum in our city! Although at this time you can't visit it physically, The Herald published a virtual field trip of the museum.

Check it out at this link -

See their calendar of events in the summer opportunity portion of this newsletter - print the pdf file to reference this summer!

COVID-19 Time Capsule

The current Covid-19 pandemic is going to be a historic moment that people will talk about for years to come. It would be a great idea if your child spent some time in the next few weeks creating the attached Covid-19 time capsule.

Feel free to print out at home. We will also have a few copies printed out at the Ireland Post Office for your child to pick up, if needed.

Check student emails

Many teachers are sending emails to your child's email account. Please show your child how to access their email account, if they don't know already.

  1. Go to the Google "waffle" - cluster of 9 dots in a square in the upper right corner of the Google webpage.
  2. Click on mail icon - Gmail
  3. Log in - username is your child's five-digit The password is their nine-digit number. Ex. If your child's five-digit number is 10423, then their username is Your child should know their five and nine-digit numbers.

They can check their email and contact teachers easily with their email being easily accessible.

Thank you!

Social-Emotional Optional Activities

Dear Parents - we hope you are doing well! Please know we are here to support you and your students in any way we can.

The social-emotional course on your student's Canvas Dashboard is there as an optional resource and opportunity. We have included activities to help students focus on mindfulness, breathing, movement, kindness and gratitude. The new activities will be published each week. We have enjoyed seeing responses from students and hope they will continue to participate, but please know again that the activities are optional and are not meant to be "one more thing" on your plate. The students can choose to do none, some, or all of the activities.

If the social-emotional course is not showing up on your student's dashboard, the student needs to "accept" the course invitation. If you have questions or need us to resend the link to the course, please email us at or Kindergarten students are not using Canvas but they will have access to some of the videos through SeeSaw. They can submit a response to their teacher that way or they can also respond to our email. Feel free to email us with any other questions or concerns as well.

Take care and stay healthy!

GJCS Cat Connections

Dr. Lorey has a newsletter with more corporation information. See this link for up-to-date eLearning information, Social-Emotional guidance, and more!

Attendance eLearning Policy

Please take note on the eLearning Attendance Policy

  • ALL classwork needs to be completed for your child to be counted as present for the day.
  • All work needs to be completed by the Sunday after it was assigned.
  • No half-day absences will be given. If all work is not complete, then a whole day absence will be given.
  • Teachers are taking attendance every Monday on the previous week's work.
  • If classwork is not being completed, teachers will contact the student and then the parent. If work is still not complete, Mrs. Bauer will be contacting families.
  • Any student that doesn't complete classwork will not only receive unexcused absences, they will also be subject to possible retention and/or summer school to complete the work at that time. (This is district policy for all GJCS elementary schools.)

Please stay in touch with your child on their classwork. If you have any questions about the work, you can contact your child's teacher.

eLearning Dates

  • May 4 - No school for students
  • May 5-7 - eLearning Days
  • May 8 - No school for students
  • May 11 - No school for students
  • May 12-14 - eLearning Days
  • May 15 - Last day to submit eLearning work

Needing food during this time?

Every Tuesday, breakfast and lunch meals will be handed out at JHS from 11:30 - 1:00. Just pull up to the front of the school, and the meals will be delivered to your car.

All children 18 and under will receive meals. The meals will be FREE for all students.

No Wifi or Internet Access???

Many companies are working with families to provide free WiFi access to families who have school-aged students to assist with eLearning activities. If you are in need of Internet connectivity, check out these options:

  • Spectrum – 1-855-243-8892
  • Smithville – 1-800-742-4084
  • Cell Phone – Contact your cell phone carrier to determine if they are providing unlimited data during the pandemic event. These can be used as mobile hotspots for student devices.
    • AT&T – 1-800-331-0500
    • Verizon Wireless – 1-800-922-0204
  • Alternate Method – If you are unable to acquire adequate Internet service, please contact your child’s teacher(s). They will provide an alternative method for receiving assignments which could include email and/or paper/pencil.

Technology Support Needed?

We have all the technology support needed to help you get through the eLearning days. If you are needing support, please refer to the eLearning Day Parent Website. Here you will find information and step by step tutorials. At the top right corner, there is a HELP button. Click on HELP and fill out the form. Someone will contact you shortly to assist you!

For the eLearning Day Parent Website:

For the Help Ticket:

Summer Opportunities

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Soccer Registration Form

Jasper Youth Soccer registration is currently available online or via mail with the paper form. Registration is open to players turning 4 years old before 8/1/2020, up to players entering the 6th grade in fall 2020. Registration is guaranteed if it is received by June 1st.

Online registration is available here:

The registration form is attached and can also be downloaded here:

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Tennis Camp

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Dubois County Museum

Big picture
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Kids should also be kids!

See the pic below for 25 non-screen activities you can do at home! Kids need a balanced life - and being a kid is very important! Your child is going to be on their device more than normal, so when they aren't doing their school-work, please encourage non-screen activities.

Will it be harder for you? YES! Will it be messier in your house? PROBABLY! Will it be more beneficial to your child? DEFINITELY!

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Borrowed Hearts

Ireland Elementary School will be a drop-off location for this wonderful organization. If you have any gently, used items, we will make sure to get them to Lori Wigand. Thanks for your support!
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A Little About Our Staff Members!

Do you want to know a little more about our staff members? Would you like to know their favorite snack or muffin? What about their favorite store or candy?

I have compiled a list at the beginning of the year for myself, and I thought it would be nice for you to know too!

Check out this link to view their favorites!

Fundraiser - Simple & GREAT!

We ALREADY raised $352.76!

A lovely parent of Ireland Elementary found this SIMPLE and GREAT fundraiser for our school. The company Boon Supply gives 40% of every sale STRAIGHT to our school.

They offer high quality items, which are fun for yourself or a gift for the holiday season. Everything gets shipped straight to you....just like ordering online from all other stores! The parent who found this opportunity loves their reusable grocery bags!

Our school doesn't have to do anything for this fundraiser besides cashing the check :) . Thanks for checking it out to see if you can do any Christmas shopping or personal shopping.

This fundraiser is going to run all school year!

Thanks for your support!

2020-2021 School Calendar

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Accelerated Reader - Home Connect

Do you want to see how your child is performing on their AR tests? If so, please use this link to log in. .

Their username is their short number and their long number is their password - your child will know this information!

Scholastic Book Orders

If your child's teacher DOES NOT send home monthly book orders, you can order books online from our school's account at this link - .