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Week of August 29 - September 2, 2022

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Updates for the Week

Hello Wilkesboro families!

We are excited to welcome you back to a brand new school year! We hope that you've enjoyed your summer and are ready to begin what promises to be a great year. We are calling tonight with some updates for the week of August 29 - September 2.

You can find full details here on our weekly WE BUILD page. There are updates for each week, schedules, and in the future updates from each teacher. Please make sure to check it out each week.

We are excited to welcome children back to school. We loved meeting you at family meetings last week, and we were excited to see students become familiar again with our building and staff.

As a reminder, parents may walk children to the front building doors, but for safety reasons, we will NOT allow parents / guardians to enter buildings and walk children to classrooms. This policy applies to all parents of K-5th grade students. We will have plenty of staff on hand to help.

Mrs. Martin, our media specialist, will be out front to take first day pictures of children as they arrive. Please plan ahead so you can have time for this special Wilkesboro tradition.

Our carline will begin at 7:30. We'd like to remind everyone that our car line is single file only, and everyone must wait patiently to enter or leave the back pre-k parking lot. School starts promptly at 7:50. Car line is always busy, so please plan ahead.

Our buses will run their routes for the first time tomorrow. Please note that Ms. Teresa will be driving bus 172, Mr. Michael will be driving bus 213, and Ms. Linda will be driving bus 158. Please remember that the bus times we shared are estimates and that it will take a few days for routes and times to become consistent.

A staff member will greet your child on car line, the bus line, or at the front entrance. All children will pick up breakfast from the breakfast cart or cafeteria and go directly to their classrooms. It is important that all children pick up breakfast. We have share tables available for children to put unwanted items.

All pre-K and kindergarten parents are reminded that students are to come on their assigned day this week either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday as part of staggered enrollment. All pre-k and kindergarten students will begin coming daily on Thursday.

Your child should bring a bookbag and school supplies as normal. Please dress for outdoor play, including safe shoes. We also recommend that you send a refillable water bottle labeled with your child’s name. We will be sending home lots of important papers this week, so please make sure to check your child's book bag for their green folder each night. You can return signed papers and forms to school in the "return to school" side.

We will dismiss at our usual time of 3:10. Please make sure to put your WES car tag up when you drive through the carline. If your child is a designated walker and you have already submitted the form, please remember to bring your car tag. With all the people, buses, and cars moving on campus at this time, we ask that you hold on to your child's hand as you make your way back to your vehicle. We want to keep everyone safe.

We are ready and prepared to give your child a safe, enjoyable, and happy first day back in the school building. Thank you for working with us throughout this summer to make this day possible, and thank you for your patience as we work through the new routines that come with starting a new school year.

This school family is the best thing about Wilkesboro Elementary, and we are so happy that all students are coming back to the nest. Have a great evening!

Our Crew of Dedicated Educators!

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We Need Volunteers!

We welcome volunteers to help with school events. WCS uses Volunteer Tracker to help organize this process, and we use Sign Up Genius (shared via email and ClassDojo) to make signing up easy and convenient. To get signed up, follow steps below.

1. Go to www.wilkescountyschools.org

2. Go to the PARENTS tab at the top (or VOLUNTEER at the bottom).

3. Click on VOLUNTEERS.


5. Go to the green NEW REGISTRATION and follow instructions from there.

Level 1 volunteers can help in many ways. Level 1 volunteers can sign up to help with book fairs, school events, class parties and projects, Field Day, Fall Festival, and proctoring for tests.

Level 2 volunteers can do all level 1 tasks but can also help chaperone field trips and work more closely with students in small groups. Level 2 volunteers can also sign up for classroom tutoring and assistance, reading buddy program, tutoring, leading after school activities, and chaperoning school events field trips.

We ask that all parents/guardians who plan to attend field trips sign up to be Level 2 volunteers at the start of the year. It takes a few weeks to verify volunteers, and signing up early will make sure that you are approved in time for this year’s events and field trips.

Car Line Helpers Needed!

We are looking for friend, positive people to help on morning carline. If you're interested, please complete this form and we will be in touch. Thanks for considering this volunteer opportunity!

Fill out the form below to sign up.

Have questions for the school nurse?

Do you have questions about your child's health or a family member's possible exposure to Covid-19? Our school nurse Kimberly Sluder is here to help you. You can find her at school at 336-838-4261 or on ClassDojo. You can also reach her by email -- Nurse Sluder at sluderk@wilkes.k12.nc.us

Need help from the school office?

Do you need to make a transportation change or have questions about your child's records? Our office manager Vanessa Simmons is here to help. Please CALL or DOJO by 2:00 with any transportation changes. Also, as Ms. Simmons is new to our school and doesn't yet know all your faces, please make sure to show her your WES car tag or photo ID when you come to the office to pick up your child. You can find her at school at 336-838-4261 or on ClassDojo. You can also reach her by email -- Vanessa Simmons at simmonsv@wilkes.k12.nc.us

Need help with student services?

Our talented team of school nurse, school social worker, and school counselor are here to help your family. School nurse Kim Sluder (sluderk@wilkes.k12.nc.us), school social worker Brandy Walsh (walshb@wilkes.k12.nc.us AND link to SSW Page), and school counselor Rachel Minick (minickr@wilkes.k12.nc.us) can help your family access information and resources for your child's health and overall well being. You can contact them all on ClassDojo, by email, or by calling the office at 336-838-4261.
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About Attendance

School starts at 7:50 each day. Students who are participating will be marked PRESENT or ABSENT. If your child is not in school, you will need to send in absence notes the next day and it will be coded as excused or unexcused. Written notes are required and can come directly from the parent/guardian or a medical office. Also note that ClassDojo messages are great for communicating an absence, but they do NOT serve as legal documentation of absences. Please send a written note. Thanks in advance for your help!

Email your jokes (or questions or concerns) to Mrs. Spears!