Comets Math

News for Tuesday, November 27

Midterm Progress Report

Progress reports should come home today.


Lesson 5-3 Pages 315 Problems 12-20 all

We have a number of new terms in this chapter that students should be reviewing nightly.

Regular Math

We took a short quiz for understanding today. I graded the quiz, we discussed the problems, students were to copy the correct answers if they did not get a perfect score. I did allow students to come get last night's homework from me if they wanted to correct some of the problems before having me it graded. Please check to see if your son/daughter needs to complete last night's homework again. Most students finished the corrections they wanted to make before class was over and have already resubmitted the assignment.

Tonight you should be able to see Reteaching 3-7 worksheet. We did problems 1 and 2 on the front and completely worked out problems 7, 17, 8, and 20 on the back of the worksheet. If your son/daughter does not have those four problems worked out they did not take all the notes given in class.

Homework: 6-2 Practice worksheet - The ODD problems

>Show all work on your own paper.

> Write the correct answer (variable = number) on the worksheet