Key aspects of a Phishing email


What is it?

Phishing is an attempt by an individual or group to take personal information from unsuspecting users by employing social engineering techniques. Phishing emails are crafted to appear as if they have been sent from a legitimate organization or known individual. These emails often attempt to entice users to click on a link that will take the user to a fraudulent website that appears legitimate. The user then may be asked to provide personal information. These websites may contain malicious code (A type of 'malware' software).


Phishing emails frequently have attachments and links to Web pages that host malicious code that can infect your computer.

Being wary of Phishing Email

In Outlook Express, you can create a new message and drag and drop the phishing email into the new message. Address the message to and send it.

  • Do NOT open any attachment or follow any Web links in suspicious emails.

Be cautious about clicking on links provided within emails.

Be Wary of overall poor grammer & mis-spelling.

Read a url link beofre clicking on it.

Question why the company/bussness would be sebding you anb email wanting your personal details in the first place?