should nicotine be illegal

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The problem?

the issue with nicotine is that it's the substance that makes cigarettes addicting. This is also the substance that rips family's apart or ruins the users life. Cigaretts are fine as just tobacco and whatever else is in it because you can get away from cigs. It's not good to smoke but it's fine on occasion like a celebratory cigar or just chew doesn't leave you in a bad situation.

Back up

"Nicotine is a colorless, poisonous chemical derived from the tobacco plant. Nicotine is highly addictive." (side note: plants secrete nicotine to keep animals away because it's poisonous). "We will proceed with experiments to raise tobacco plants that have no nicotine in there leaves." , says Yazaki
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Tobacco can be grown with out nicotine as said ^ there so why not take it out. The tobacco company's would lose money but it's better than killing millions of people each year.
Nicotine is poisonous to animals yet we smoke is in our cigarettes.does this make any sense? Yes it's poisonous why do we smoke it I mean nicotine is like death wrapped in paper helped by its side kick firey tobacco witch is the main killer here but nicotine brings you in as if it's a delicious bowl of ice cream that you have to try before you get attached and not stop eating or in this case smoking.