Flynn Flyer

Friday September 2, 2022






Important Dates

9/8- PTO Meeting 6:30 *Date Change* Join us in person in the library or on Google Meet: Childcare Available

9/8- Picture Day

9/12-Burlington Kids Afterschool Program Begins

9/22-Back to School BBQ (5-6) and Open House (6-7)

Drop Off / Pick Up

Please do not park in the Birchwood Parking lot!

K side

Please do not park in the drop off zone. If you choose to park, you will need to find a parking place in our lot or park in a nearby neighborhood and walk to the school.

North side (1-5 grade)

Please do not idle your engines before dismissal starts.

Please do not pull into the front parking lot to pick up.

Please put your pink pick up tags in your car windows. If you need more tags, please call Karen Priebe in the office.

Front Parking lot is for busses and Special Needs only.


Please pick up your walkers by the basketball court and your bikers by the bike rack.

USE THE SAFE WAY around the parking lot. Avoid crossing the north parking lot entrance.

Letter from Principal Nikki

Greetings Firefly Families!

We are wrapping up our first week of school, and what a positive week it has been! Flynn students and staff have jumped right in together. I am so appreciative to be at Flynn, a place with incredible families and staff! This year, I am sharing five values with students and staff, which were decided upon by students, families, and staff from our community. Those values are: Friendship, Joy, Curiosity, Growth, and Accountability.

Students and staff have started talking about these values together, and we are working on aligning our behaviors with these values, which we work to embody as a community. I encourage you to talk together as a family about these values, and how they connect to your lives. Values are a great dinnertime topic to discuss - I have spoken with kindergarteners all the way up to fifth graders who can already define these values through their lens as Flynn community members. Your child will also regularly receive regular feedback and encouragement when they show these behaviors throughout the school day.

The goal of having shared values at Flynn is so that students have the opportunity to learn about values, learn how to align their behaviors to values, and then practice those values regularly. There will be moments when students and staff may not be living the values, which will be used as opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow in a meaningful way. We want everyone at Flynn to make mistakes instead of feeling like they are mistakes. Rather than existing as a system that punishes kids for making mistakes, we want every mistake to become an opportunity to reflect, grow, and reconnect to our community. This way, all Flynn kids know just how much they matter here.

In partnership,


Friendly Competition- YOU can help Flynn Win!

There is a little competition between the BSD schools this year to see who can get the most families to complete their Annual Student Update! I really want to win this one, Flynn Families. Help me out by completing yours this weekend (directions below). Call me next week if you need help.

-Karen Priebe

Time to Complete the Annual Student Update

It is time for you to complete the online Annual Student Information Update (now listed as Forms in Powerschool) for your student(s). The form asks you to update critical information, such as emergency contact information, medical information, and a device agreement form. The update must be completed for all students.

Please login to your PowerSchool account to complete this update as soon as possible.

Step-by-step instructions can be found below. If you do not already have an account in Powerschool, then please refer to the directions below in order to create the account. This process generally takes about 10 minutes per student.

NOTE: If student information is not updated by Monday, September 7th, that student may not be allowed to return to school and may have their electronic device (iPad/Chromebook) withheld until their update is complete. If a student without updated information comes to school on September 8, they may be sent home. If you have questions or need assistance, please do not reply to this email, but contact your child's school directly.

Thank you!

The BSD Team


If you already have an account in Powerschool, sign in to your Powerschool account.

After you (family account) have signed in with your username and password:

  1. Look for the student's name as shown on the bar in the upper left-hand corner. Click on the student's name.

  2. Next click “Forms” on the left hand side and then SCROLL DOWN TO SEE “Annual Student Update”. It starts with the form called “1. General Student Information”. Complete all forms.

    1. After you complete a form, click “next” to complete the following form.

  3. All forms need to be submitted to be finished with the ASU.

  4. Once you finish with this student, move on to the next student by clicking on their name in the upper left-hand corner.

    1. All students must be updated one at a time.

  5. Done!

If the names of other children name do not appear, you must call your child’s K-12 school and ask for their “Access ID and Access Password”. If you are in a partner preK program and receiving ACT 166 funds-- please contact Ashley in EEE at 802-864-8463.

After you receive this information, in Powerschool, go to:

  1. "Account Preferences" on the menu on the left side.

  2. Click on "Students."

  3. Then "Add Student."

  4. Enter your student's name, their Access ID and Access Password.

  5. Then select your relationship to your student through the Relationship dropdown.

If you are not certain if you have a PowerSchool account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to or to your school’s home page. Click on this image in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage:

    1. (You can also click here to go directly to BSD’s Powerschool Login page.)

  2. Enter what you think your username and password would be.

  3. Follow the steps for “Forgot Username or Password?” if needed.

If you have never created a Powerschool account:

  1. Call your school and ask for an access ID and Access Password.

  2. Visit BSD’s Powerschool login page and click on “Create Account.”

  3. Enter the ID and Password as directed.

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